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The national park Hamburgi Wattenmeer was decided by resolution of the Hamburgi citizenry on 9 April 1990 by law. On 5 April 2001 the law was updated and thus the national park area was extended.

The national park Hamburgi Wattenmeer is appropriate within the area national park Wattenmeer of Lower Saxony and covers also the islands new work, and as well as the surrounding Wattenmeer. The national park is appropriate for 12 km before Cuxhaven in the of the Elbe. It concerns sand and mixing cotton wool predominantly with flat Prielen, Sandplaaten as well as the dune islands specified above. The total area of the national park (protected zone 1 and protected zone 2) covers 13,750 hectars. Areas of the zone 1 stand under special protection. So for example Watt migrations and Kutschfahrten are only on proven ways permitted.

Within the national park there are approximately 2000 animal species, of it about 250, which occur only in the salt meadows of the Wattenmeer. Sea-dogs and cone seals are particularly worth mentioning. Due to the natural sediment entry there is a high food offer for young fish and sea-birds within the muzzle range of the Elbe. The national park is therefore an important racing and mouse-suppl.-offered for sea-birds.

Thus live for example fire geese of the Watt snails, which are to be found to hundredthousands on the Watt surface. In addition those about 180,000 birds counting Northwestern European fire goose population spends its Mauserzeit between July and September in the Wattenmeer, which is protected by the three of national park Wattenmeer of Lower Saxony, Schleswig holsteinisches Wattenmeer and Hamburgi Wattenmeer. Also about 200,000 oath pensions spend here their Mauserzeit; about 1,000 pairs of oath pensions use the Watt of the North Sea as breeding area. Most of it breed on the island Amrum.

The Wattenmeer rest area for breeding birds of nordischer countries, which corrode themselves here the fat reserves, is simultaneous, which need it for a successful brood. Thus appear itself in the entire Wattenmeer about 10-12 million wading birds, geese, ducks and sea gulls.

In particular within the range of the bird protection a close co-operation with the association Jordsand exists.

Since 1992 the national park is also biosphere reservation, sees to biosphere reservation Hamburgi Wattenmeer.

Address national park administration

National park Hamburgi Wattenmeer
Billstrasse 84
D-20539 Hamburg
Tel. 040-42845-3945 or -2105

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