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Myth (English myth, legend) is called a set of computer strategy plays, which was developed by the company Bungie starting from the end of the 1990er years. The rights at the plays in the meantime into the possession of Take 2 Games changed over.

So far in the series the following plays appeared:

  • 1997: Myth: The traps lords, dt. crusade in the uncertain (Macintosh/Windows)
  • 1998: Myth II: Soulblighter (Macintosh/Windows)
    • 1999: Myth II: Chimera (free Plugin) for Myth II)
  • 1999: The totally Codex (contain Myth, Myth II, as well as numerous ADD Ons for Myth II)
  • 2001: Myth III: The wolf Age, dt. the time of the wolf (Windows/Macintosh)
    • 2001: Myth II: Worlds (numerous Plugins for Myth II)

Play idea

The plays of the Myth row were developed all after a similar concept: The player has the instruction over smaller federations and individual units during elements such as structure, research and resources administration to be faded out. Likewise in the foreground stands thereby compared with other strategy plays very realistic physics engines, which affect the play process considerably. Thus defined Myth the new category of the real time tactics play.

The background of all three parts of the play is based on a epischen conflict between property and bad, whereby the player always stands thereby on the good side.

Myth can be played off-lines or on-line, the latter both cooperatively and against each other.

A flexible Plugin system and the programs supplied with the play (Fear, Loathing) for providing own play worlds make a nearly complete change of the play for the player possible both on more graphic and on play-technical level. Plugins function both in the singles match he and in the multi-player mode.

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