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Multiple optional word treasure intelligence test (MWT) is the generic term for several tests (MWT-A, MWT-B, MWT Erstform, TPL = test for the mental Leistungsniveau), which are developed according to the same pattern and which resembles to measure is.


The MWT versions are performance inspections for the measurement of the general intelligence level, particularly the level of crystallized intelligence. They can be used as individual and group test with adults. With them one raises a knowledge sample, which makes only small demands against the up-to-date available efficiency. Therefore the results are hardly affected from easy to moderately severe psychological disturbances (intelligence trace test). With such conditions one uses MWT versions for the estimation of the intelligence level. This applies for example to in addition, depressions and dementias.

The test acceptance amounts to with psychiatrically inconspicuous persons about five minutes.

The most common version is the MWT-B, which is more near described as example of all MWT versions in the following.

Structure of the MWT-B

It consists of a short instruction for the test person to find out in everyone of the following lines whether there is one of the presented words. This is to be crossed out if necessary. In each line is located according to the multiple choice principle (multiple choice) handling or science-linguistically well-known word under four fictitious reconstructions. Examples (something changes):

Oher - ear - honour - Ereh - Hor
Sukiff - Fasek - Siuke - treasury - Fuske
Nadir - Ridan - Nailer - Radin - Nidar

Those altogether 37 Items are arranged after the degree of difficulty. The total number of the correctly marked lines is compared with the achievements of a representative sample of German-speaking adults by 20 to 64 years (n = 1,952). Afterwards standard standards (IQ, default value and per cent rank) can be determined.

Evaluation and interpretation

With the MWT-A and TPL parallel forms are present. During one with the MWT-A as with the MWT-B IQ-points, default values and per cent ranks receives, supplies the TPL an estimation of the capacity of the main memory (= short-time storage capacity) in the unit bit.


Siegfried Lehrl: Multiple optional word treasure intelligence test MWT-B. Balingen: Spitta publishing house, 2005, 5. Aufl., ISBN 3-934211-04-6.

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