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With the multi-component procedure there are different kinds of the injection moulding, all it is common to which that injection moulding machines with two or also several spraying units however if necessary only one closing unit are needed. The spraying units must work harmonierend however to be always independently controllable. The components can be injected by a special nozzle or be brought in different places into the tool. The plastics can a certain adhesion be different, should however to each other exhibit like PP/PE, PMMA/PS, CA/ABS and PC/ABS, if with the finished unit a fixed connection of the components is necessary among themselves. With multi-component construction units in those the individual parts among themselves to move are, e.g. in the car or toy figures, is not desired this. One differentiates between following in principle multi-component procedures:

Multi-component procedure also sharply separated components

Here parts with strictly separated component ranges develop. This caused through:


A) Shifting technology

Convert the incomplete Spritzlings into a tool cavity with place for the new component with the help of a handling device, a robot or an application of control persons: Windows in equipment housings

B) Turning/displacement technique

Tricks (turning technology) or shifting (sliding technology) of a tool part into a new situation. (usually a tool half turned/moved) application: Toothbrushes (tricks or shift), parts with hard carrier and soft surface. Multi color lenses of modern vehicles.

C) Core retreat technology

Withdraw a core around place for the again which is added component to create. Application: Equipment housing with multi colour ranges.

Usually partial geometry is intending for the selection of the respective technology.

Concerning the used components it gives:



Here different colors of the same material in a part are processed. Application finds this e.g. with multi color autotail lamps (A), keyboards (A, contrary to printed on keyboards).

Multi-component procedure

Here different materials are processed as e.g. with hard soft connections in a part. Examples are cover caps with moulded on Weichdichtungen.Ein other application are the production of building groups with those the individual components among themselves to move can, for example with the air outlet in the car (IMA in Mould Assembling). The past assembly of the individual parts can be void.

Multi-component procedure with running components

Here parts develop also into one another for running components.

Sand yielding procedure

Here usually parts do not develop with those inside lying component are visible, because them are completely coated by the external material. Typically with this procedure frequently recycling material is used as invisible component. The interior material can be also foamable. As outer skin high-quality material is then used. With the sand yielding injection moulding the source river of the masses is used with influxes into the forming nest. The melts fill the concavity from the ingate successively. The molding material flowing in first puts continuously to the wall, where it is pushed last of inside flowing second component. Two spraying units co-operate on a spraying head, which permits it depending upon taxes by valves or multiple catch nozzles to leave the masses from all spraying units at will to influxes. The source river ensures for the fact that this complete coating of the components up to the smallest wall thickness succeeds perfectly each other. The dead head can be sealed by the first component.


Colored art flower sheets and artificial decoration are examples of veined parts. Here the changing components (usually it concerns the same material however in different colors - however in any case well compatible materials must be) are also at the surface visibly. This is reached by intermittently using spraying aggregates.

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