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Moskwitsch (the Muscovite) is a Soviet-Russian automark.

After the Second World War the Soviet Union brought the entire manufacturing plants for the OPEL to cadet as Reparation from Ruesselsheim to Moscow.

A factory with name MZMA (Moskowskij Sawod Malolitraschnich Awtomobilej - Muscovite factory for kleinmotorige automobiles) began in the year 1947 to build a car named Moskwitsch 400 on the OPEL the cadet was based. Later the factory renamed in AZLK (Awtomobilnij Sawod imeni Leninskogo Komsomola - Komsomol car factory).

Further Moskwitsch models were built also in Ischewsk.

After buying up of production plants of the company Simca with Moskwitsch the model valley-offered Simca 1510 as Moskwitsch 2141 further-produced.

Under the name Scaldia were installed occasional Moskwitsch models (e.g. the 408) with the Scaldia Volga AS in Belgium; there also with in the GDR and in Russia not available diesel engine of Indenor.

In the spring 2006 Moskwitsch was finally explained by a Russian court for bankruptcy. Up to this time the manufacturer had produced more than 4 million vehicles.


The individual models of the different model generations are hardly to be differentiated outwardly, and carry similar bodies.


  • 1947-1954 - Moskwitsch 400
  • 1954-1956 - Moskwitsch 401


  • 1956-1958 - Moskwitsch 402
  • 1958-1963 - Moskwitsch 407
  • 1960-1965 - Moskwitsch 403


  • 1964-1975 - Moskwitsch 408
  • 1967-1975 - Moskwitsch 412


  • 1975-1988 - Moskwitsch 2138
  • 1975-1988 - Moskwitsch 2140 and/or 1500


  • 1986-1998 - Moskwitsch 2141 and/or Aleko

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