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The monument for the Canadian development and structure aid (English Monument ton of Canadian Aid Workers, franz. Monument de l'aide humanitaire canadienne) is one 2001 in the Canadian capital Ottawa (Ontario) inaugurated monument in honours of development and structure aids from Canada, which died abroad during their employments. It is world-wide at present singular in this form and dedication.

Cause for the establishment

In the year 1996 briefly successively coworkers were abroad killed by two different Canadian organizations with auxiliary missions. Tim Stone, at that time managing directors of PATH Canada (programs for Appropriate Technology in Health), died with the crash of a kidnapped airplane of the Ethiopian airlines on the Comoros islands. Three weeks later the nurse Nancy Malloy, member of the Canadian red cross was murdered and actively for the international committee by the red cross in a field hospital in the Chechnian city Nowije Atagi in close proximity to Grosny, together with five colleagues from other countries in the sleep by unknown authors.

The organization PATH Canada, the Canadian red cross and the Canadian nurse combination searched thereupon after suitable ways of the memory and started a common project for the realization of an appropriate monument. This was inaugurated four years later on 28 June 2001.

Organization of the monument

The monument is in the Rideau of case park in Ottawa. It consists of a rectangular gate elbow and two large reproductions of bird feathers/springs of bronze on a base of granite. To the monument the moreover one two seats from granite belong, on which the visitors can stay.

The organization is based on a draft of John Greer from Halifax (new facts Scotia), which won a country-wide competition thereby in May 1999. Its draft and concomitantly the monument carry for the names "meditation "(English Reflection). The costs of the establishment, which amounted to about $150,000, were financed by a donation collection and by a support at a value of $75.000 by the Canadian agency for international development (English Canadian internationally development Agency).

Part the project for the establishment of the monument was the production of a durable listing of all Canadian development and structure aids, which lost their life with international missions. This list covers at present the names and life data of 79 humans.

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