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Mollisole one calls easily sour soils of the moderate widths, which bewachsen from grasses (Poaceae) in accordance with the USDA Bodenklassifikation are. They are in the Argentine Pampa, to the prairies the middle west of the USA and the steppes of a broad volume, which hands central Asia from South-east Europe until, besides also in China.

Mollisole usually show a well developed Bodenprofil. At the surface is, the dark A-horizon deep up to a meter, which is black colored by the high humus content and steadily approximately by died plant roots renewed. Among them the B-horizon particularly enriched in dry regions with calcium carbonate lies.

Mollisole contain numerous mineral materials such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium in a form available for plants, so that Mollisole are agriculturally extraordinarily well usable soils. In particular grain such as wheat prospers on Mollisolen particularly well.

Besides Mollisole are also an important habitat for numerous animals, about earthworms, ants, termites or also moles or prairie dogs.

Some Mollisolen forms from the deposit of if the ground cover is removed, they are particularly erosion-susceptibly, as for instance in that today as Dust Bowl admitted region of the middle west of the United States or in north China to observe.

World-wide are covered about 9 million square kilometers or 7 per cent of the ice-free land surface with Mollisolen.


One differentiates between 7 subordinations:

  • Alboll
  • Aquoll
  • Rendoll
  • Cryoll
  • Xeroll
  • Ustoll
  • Udoll

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