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A milling cutter is a

The milling cutter is installed as attachment to a self-propelled a oh tractor or hung into the 3-point suspension of a tractor and propelled of its engine by means of a power-takeoff. Those about 15 cm long measurer of the milling cutter bent at the outside end rotate around a horizontal wave. The measurers strike earth from the soil and throw them against the baffle plate, which leads to the The soil is blended by the rotation of the wave.

The milling cutter serves also the training of organic mass (harvest remainders). By milling more oxygen arrives into the soil, so that organic mass is faster diminished. It prepares a finished seed and planting bed in a processing step. Too frequent milling of the soil is problematic by the separation of the Kornfraktionen. The more slowly the milling cutter is driven and the faster the power-takeoff this propels, the more finely becomes the soil. The actual milling cutter is surrounded to the accident avoidance of usual way by a housing.

Similar equipment is the engine heel. A reversal milling cutter is identically constructed with milling cutter described above, the wave runs differently. Stones are again buried thereby.

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