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The milking machine is a device, in order to win with different agriculturally used dams (usually cows) milk from the Euter (milk).

It consists of:

  • two to four milking cups, depending upon animal species,
  • the piece of milk collection,
  • short and long milk hoses,
  • short and long air hoses,
  • the Pulsator,
  • the Milchleitung,
  • the milk separator,
  • a milk collection tank,
  • a cooling equipment and
  • the vaccum pump (restrictor or water-operated vacuum pump).

The milking cups are inverted over the Zitzen of the Euters, to which a pulsating negative pressure is applied: Negative pressure and discharge (no negative pressure is called) mostly alternate in the relationship 60:40. The negative pressure is in such a way selected that against the Euter a vacuum of approximately 40 kPa rests. This corresponds in for instance the Euterinnendruck.

Depending upon type of stable there are firmly inserted milking machines in playpens), partial portable (in tubing milking installations in tying up stables or mobile on pastures).

The milk flows from the milking cups over the milk hoses into the milk separator. There the vacuum is diminished and the milk is pumped to the milk collection tank. There it is then cooled and stored up to the use.

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