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:Basidienpilze (Basidiomycota)
:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
: (Russulales)
: (Russulaceae)
:Milchlinge (Lactarius)
Scientific name
Pers. 1797

The Milchlinge is a species-rich of mushrooms from the order of the

The meat of the Milchlinge separates a milchige liquid with injury. The Milchlinge lives in Ektomykorrhiza with leaves or coniferous trees.


The kind of the Milchlinge covers in Central Europe over 130 kinds. The following kinds represent only one selection. The partitioning after sections takes place after Bon (1988).

  • Section Reizker (Dapetes):
    • Red orange milk-ends kinds:
      • Edelreizker (L. deliciosus)
      • The splinter Green Kiefernreizker (L. semisanguifluus)
      • Wine-red Kiefernreizker (L. sanguifluus)
      • Fichtenreizker (L. deterrimus)
      • Lachsreizker (L. salmonicolor)
    • Cyan milk end of kinds:
      • Blaumilchender Reizker (L. hemicyaneus)
      • Indigoreizker (L. indigo)
  • Section Zonarii:
    • Pale Zonenmilchling (L. zonarius)
    • (L. porninsis)
    • Queradriger Milchling ('' L. acerrimus)


  • Section Tricholomoidei:
    • Birkenmilchling, Birkenreizker (L. torminosus)
    • Grubiger Milchling (Lactarius scrobiculatus)
    • Fransenmilchling (L. citriolens)
  • Section Pyrogali:
    • Hainbuchenmilchling (L. circellatus)
    • Sharp Hasenmilchling (L. pyrogalus)
  • Section Vieti:
    • The grey Green Milchling (L. blennius)
    • Olive-brown Milchling (L. turpis, L. plumbeus or L. necator)
  • Section Uvidi:
    • Lightyellow Violettmilchling (L. flavidus)
  • Section Colorati:
    • Bruchreizker (L. helvus)
  • Section Rufi:
    • Red-brown Milchling (L. rufus)
  • Section Subdulces:
    • Milchling (L. subdulcis)
    • Eichenmilchling (L. quietus)
  • Section Mitissimi:
    • Orange-brown Milchling (L. aurantiofulvus)
  • Section Tabidi:
    • Gold-liquid Milchling (L. chrysorrheus)
  • Section Volemi:
    • Milchbr¤tling (L. volume mash)
  • Section Albati:
    • Wolliger Milchling (L. vellereus)
  • Section Fuliginosi:
    • Mohrenkopf (mushroom) (L. lignyotus)
    • Russfarbener Milchling (L. fuliginosus)
  • Section Pseudoalbati:
    • Milchling (L. brunneoviolascens)
  • Section Olentes:
    • Kampfermilchling (L. camphoratus)
  • Section Obscurati:
    • Olive-brown Erlenmilchling (L. obscuratus)


  • Marcel Bon: Pareys book of the mushrooms, publishing house Paul Parey, Hamburg, Berlin, 1988. ISBN 3490198182

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