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Milan Dubrovic (26 November 1903 in Vienna, "† 11 September 1994 even there) was an important Austrian journalist, editor-in-chief and a publisher.


Milan Dubrovic comes of to a old-Austrian official family. Its father was k.u.k. - Civil servant from Dalmatien, its nut/mother a Dubrovic studies history of art and sociology and hits thereafter a journalist career.

Starting from 1927 he works for the culture department of the Viennese general newspaper. 1930 change Dubrovic to the new Viennese day sheet, for which he works until 1945 as Redaktuer. After the newspaper is adjusted, it writes first for the feuilleton of the again-created press. Later Dubrovic changes their guidance it into the chronicle, becomes Dubrovic editor-in-chief of the press and remains until 1961 in this position. To its separating from the press Bruno Kreisky sends it in the same year as Austrian pressing and to Bonn after its separating from the diplomatic service functions Dubrovic from 1970 to 1977 as a publisher of the week press.


The Frankfurt general newspaper attributed Dubrovic Noblesse without Snobismus, comprehensive education freely from and human understanding and called it a philosopher, resident in of Austria literature and art.

With the culture scene of the capital he came already early into contact. Already at the age of 15 years it is to find gentleman yard almost daily in the cafe in the Viennese gentleman lane to have been. There the representatives of the classical Viennese modern trend operated such as Franz Werfel, Friedrich gate mountain or Alexander learn Holenia.

Its memories described it in its book defrauded history, where it supplies a detailed description of the Viennese literature scene 1938 ago.


  • Milan Dubrovic: Defrauded history. The Viennese salons and Literatencafes. Zsolnay, Vienna 1985; ISBN 3552037055.

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