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Migration first consultation (MEB) designates a form of the social counselling of immigrants in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Federal Office for migration and refugees (BAMF) is responsible for the organization of the migration first consultation, with which execution at present in particular the central associations of the free Wohlfahrtspflege become assigned.

Task of the MEB is to be initiated it the process of integration purposefully to steer and accompany.

In addition of the integration course an individually tailored consulting advice for adult new immigrants (foreigner and late repatriate) is to be created with the MEB (residence law: "migration-specific consulting offer"). The immigrants are to be enabled thereby for independent acting within all ranges of the daily life.

A purposeful individual case company is to determine the Potenziale of the immigrants, and to arrange and in a promotion plan fix whereupon suitable integration measures.

Legal basis is the residence law ("§ 75 No. 9, "§ 45 sentence 1).

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