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Migranti fights

Migranti fights stand for public-effective actions of inhabitants with the demand after equal rights.

Federal Republic

The "wild strikes", which are labor disputes with Ford Cologne in the year 1973, OPEL in Ruesselsheim and the renting strike few documented and failed. (of Oswald/Schmidt 1999)

The public tendency against immigrant workers worsened with the wild strikes and the radicalization of the foreign workers. The year 1973 falls temporally in the first recession and rising unemployment accompanying with it. But no connection exists. The 60's foreign workers were already pushed away, who had resisted discrimination, had organized themselves or into the strike stepped. (Worker thing 1973). Starting from 1973 immigrant workers were judged however increasingly as problem and for the central topic of populist campaigns.

Frankfurt renting strike

At the beginning of the 1960er the policy placed over on "Schandfleckbeseitigung". It came to the dismantling camp accommodations, whereby this remained for the Arbeitsmigranten as "temporary solution" reality. Expression of an ethnical segmenting of the housing market are the standards in the immigrant worker accommodations, which were always more deeply set for the native population contrary to those. The authorities indicated, which a "home character" was not is overemphasized. Besides the foreigners did not place anyway "all too-large requirements". The examination of the noncommittal guidelines was handled "obviously somewhat leave" according to the responsible Federal Institution for employment agency. (Oswald/Schmidt 1999:189, f) the free housing market offered to those, which got or simply the living conditions in the hostel to escape wanted their family to Germany, not much. Usually the Migranten lived in areas, in which after the dominant planning maxims no dwellings might be, in health stressing emission zones or in reorganization-needy quarters. In Frankfurt they lived at the beginning of the seventies, at times of the housing shortage, to 66 per cent in which seeded existing old dwellings or in in room apartments, which were characterised by exorbitant rent. (Borris 1973). Less than a third of the dwellings comparable German average dwellings corresponded concerning the equipment, cost however as much as a luxury dwelling. Rent subsidy three per cent of the foreign tenants and 60 of the 1973 received to entitled applicant got subsidized low-rent housings nearly throughout assigned.

The real estate agents used the housinglooking for Migranten for the restructuring of the ramshackle Frankfurt Westends. The tenants accepted complainless high rents now of the between-rentable houses high-profitable planned to the abort and, at which also no repairs were made. The bad condition of the houses and their purge were explained at the same time evenly by the operational readiness level of foreign tenants, in order to receive the official demolition permit. (see Stracke 1980:70). Those anyway arbitrarily, resolut and repressive arising residential properties could trust in those the tolerance by the urban authorities and the Frankfurt police. (Serhat Karakayali, 2005)

The Italian activists of the Unione Inquilini (tenant union) with Lotta Continua tradition solidarized with the Turkish and Yugoslav worker families likewise concerned and explained in the summer 1971 the renting strike. The applied tenants made attentive to their desolate conditions and explained themselves only ready to apply ten per cent of the compiled wages for the rent. The strike failed, just like the renting strike in September because of the relevant laws. Altogether 140 processes and energetic procedure on the part of the police terminated peaceful unrests. Turn off the basic supply and racquet troop of the landlords contributed also to it. Besides the SPD stirred up the concerning off with promises never kept.

Also the "capitalistic Indienstnahme of the migration" was brought up for discussion.

Later house occupations failed because of the missing support by the German Hausbesetzerszene. (House advice 1974:158)

Cologne Ford strike

From 24 August to 30 August 1973 it comes under Willy Brandt (SPD) to the "Turk strike" in the Ford works into Cologne Niehl. Official cause was the dismissal of approximately 300 Turkish Arbeitsmigranten, which extended arbitrarily their summer holidays. The anyway ethnical structured workers split into two groups. The native coworker standing as foremen, Fertigmacher or masters in higher positions endorsed the disciplinary measure. The 12,000 low remunerated assistants in the final assembly rejected the dismissals categorically. For on and return journey from Cologne to Anatolien about 10 days were to be counted at present and a reliable planning made more difficult with the hopelessly and vehicles. So far it was usual practice to adjust the loss of working hours by auxiliary layers. The explosive situation was intensified by the announcement to occupy the dismissals no longer again to distribute but the work on the 35,000 remaining employees. The 8,000 strikers Metallarbeiter demanded not only the abolition of the notices, but also a Mark more hourly wages, as well as the reduction of the volume speed, extension of the summer holidays by two weeks; Omission of the lower wage categories; 13tes monthly salary. The last wage increase was rather meager and the cost of living noticeably rose. When it appears that the work council is not able to implement the demands is expressed or wants and on those "understandable", but spontaneous and thus illegitimate strike refers, this with "Sendika satilmis" (the trade union is available.) on the part of the Turkish staff the distrust. The work council was dominated of the IG-Metall, which itself under guidance of Ernst refused briefly before taking up Mehmed to the work council for which a third of the Gesamtbelegschaft had been correct. As replacement for the work council the strikers select a strike committee. This leads Baha Targyn, which has splendid knowledge of the German language. Likewise in prominent place work trainee Dieter Heinert is, a member of KPD/ML and the "revolutionary trade union opposition" (RGO). The suspicion, the strike is "communist infiltrated" contributes substantially to the failure of the strike and missing acceptance in the population. It comes to armed counter demonstrations by force, and to armed striking down of the peaceful strikers tenfold superior in strength. The racquet troops led of the director of the works, refuge mountain man and Ernst armed with Hiebwaffen, and consist of factory protection force, of the work Genk brought in strike breakers, police officer in civilian clothes and employee in higher positions by 29 August lose the Turkish strikers their Italian and German sympathizer. The Minister of the Interior North-Rhine/Westphalia Willi Weyer (SPD) places Ford under observation of Kriminalpolizei and protection of the constitution. Police protection made the return to work for the strike breakers possible. A summary dismissal, further 600 received the strike committee from 100 ringleaders was successfully urgently suggested to submit the notice. (Kraus hair) partial served the striker some years solitary confinement before their deportation.


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