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Might and Magic is one of Jon Van Caneghem developed series of computer games of roles.

Might and Magic

Might and Magic I

1987 appeared the first part of this series of new World Computing, Might and Magic - Secret OF the internal Sanctum. It closed a spielerische gap between the relatively simple Ultima parts and the Wizardry row, which were felt of many a risers as too heavy. The optics in the Pseudo-3D Look, which one wandered through gradually, the operation by means of keyboard and the monitoring system with the usual game of roles classes and - fight behind this play corresponded the time at that time, and so a quite solid entrance succeeded to the play into the market. Postage run gene of this part as well as the two following taken place among other things on the C64 and Apple II as well as on most play consoles of this time.

Might and Magic II

The second part, gate ton of Another World, which 1988 came on the market, was at the time at that time one of the most successful titles. To please although at the predecessor aligned, the extensive improvements in the diagram, the play extent knew and told history.

Might and Magic III

With the third part, Isles OF Terra, one entered graphic new ground. In decorations the VGA Look, which 1991 were still for a long time no standard for games of roles, the series addressed specialists from beyond, which was supported by the simple handling and the moderate degree of difficulty. For the first time without coincidence meetings one did here. Instead one saw the groups of opponents already from a distance. This play supplied also for the still following parts in the coming years the basis, which concerned technology and play system, so that a high recognizing value existed.

Might and Magic IV/V

The parts of four and five, Clouds OF Xeen (1992) and Darkside OF Xeen (1993), offered again a characteristic. If one possessed both plays, one could connect these to a only one large world, and explore these in a piece. This play variant called itself Worlds OF Xeen, and also under this name as Bundle was then sold. Otherwise there were hardly innovations, refrained one once from the extensive employment of digitized acoustic output. Interestingly enough there was Mod in the year of the fifth part still another named Swords OF Xeen to the play, which late became the official component of the World OF Xeen cycle. This extension manufactured by fans was characterised particularly by a clearly higher degree of difficulty and met with very much approval with the eingefleischten fans of the series.

Might and Magic VI

Some years later one replaced the entire play system radically, and published 1998 the sixth part of mandates OF Heaven. Apart from a simplification of the ability and article system it came to a reduction of the led group, moved one now in a free 3D-Umgebung. These changes made it possible to naturally represent a clearly more realistic world and to fulfill these with more lives. So also this play could quite register some successes.

Might and Magic VII

The versions appeared now again in a faster sequence. Thus 1999 appeared the seventh part, For Blood and Honor, which dropped back again into old habits, and up to minimum improved diagram hardly new elements offered. The sales figures were accordingly reserved.

Might and Magic VIII

Part eight, Day OF the Destroyer already in the following year one published. A further times the play system of a total overhaul submitted, only the used diagram remained up to the usual beauty corrections the same. The following things brought however more extensive innovations with itself. If one steered in former times a whole group of 6-8 persons, which shrank later up to 4, then it was this time only a Protagonist, which it applied to lead, and which had to look for its group members in the context of the play action. The race and class system were folded up, and also the handling of the abilities ("Skills") highly simplifies. Despite this retrogression one hoped among the players for a new upswing of the row, after the developer courage pointed to changes.

Might and Magic IX

This hope was not fulfilled however with the appearance of the ninth and last part (2002). Again once there were extensive changes in the play system, one returned to leading an entire group. The ability system and the magic range were again simplified and verschlankt. The diagram experienced with the LithTech engine a noticeable improvement, stayed however clearly behind for the time the usual standards. That a new part appears, the sales figures of Might and Magic IX are not to be accepted were extremely bad.

Folder of Might and Magic

Naturally there was as with each successful series of folders and licensed products.

Heroes OF Might and Magic

A quite successful adaptation into the round-based strategy sector gave it since 1995 with the Heroes OF to Might and liking IC series, which lent the following hurrying play of the King's Bounty a well-known name. This series covers so far five parts with various extensions in the form of Addon. The part was developed only recently by Nival Interactive and Ubisoft. The play appeared in May 2006.

Crusaders OF Might and Magic

1999 appeared game of roles/Adventure mixture named Crusaders OF Might and Magic , in which one runs in the classical 3rd-Person-Manier by its 3D-Umgebung, as well as and simple tasks and mysteries solves its fights in real time settled. This play was portiert on the Playstation, where 2001 appeared also the successor to Warriors OF Might and Magic. Later also a Playstation 2-Version was published.

Warriors OF Might and Magic

2001 for PC appeared, Playstation. In addition there was a Gameboy Color adaptation with the same name. There the play becomes a Zeldaklon, with tiny and pixeliger diagram, very simple action and an almost unfit combat system.

Legends OF Might and Magic

Likewise 2001 appeared on-line Shooter Legends OF Might and Magic which is based on the Lithtech engine.

Dark Messiah OF Might & Magic

Dark Messiah OF Might & Magic is the third act ion folder of the series and is available starting from June 2006 in the trade (PC and console). The play uses the SOURCE engine (help Life 2) and contains both single and Multiplayer mode. As fighter, Magier or a head money hunter one dives into the completely new and dark Might and liking IC world Ashan.

The Might and liking IC row

  • Might and Magic: Book I - Secret OF the internal Sanctum (1986)
  • Might and Magic: Book II - Gate ton of Another World (1988)
  • Might and Magic: Book III - Isles OF Terra (1991)
  • Might and Magic IV: Clouds OF Xeen (1992)
  • Might and Magic V: Darkside OF Xeen (1993)
  • Might and Magic VI: The of mandates OF Heaven (1998)
  • Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor (1999)
  • Might and Magic VIII: Day OF The Destroyer (2000)
  • Might and Magic IX: Writ OF Fate (2002)

The Heroes OF Might and liking IC row

  • Heroes OF Might and Magic I - A Strategic Conquest (1995 (end of 94))
  • Heroes OF Might and Magic II - The Succession Wars (1997 (end of 96)) + 1 AddOn The Price OF Loyalty
  • Heroes OF Might and Magic III - The Restoration OF Erathia (1999 (end of 98)) and AddOn 1 Armageddon's Blade and AddOn 2 The Shadow OF Death, and a fifth-hasty (+ 2 down-loadable) folder Heroes Chroncicles (each part a campaign)
  • Heroes OF Might and Magic IV - (2002) and AddOn 1 The Gathering Storm and AddOn 2 of wind OF was
  • Heroes OF Might and Magic V - (May 2006)

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