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Michael Ringier (* 30. March 1949 in Zofingen, Switzerland) is a Swiss publisher.

Its parents are Hans and Eva Ringier (geb. Landolt). The university pc. Gallen visited Ringier only from 1970 to 1972. 1973 he began to work as a journalist, for the "residents of Munich evening paper". After courses at a journalist school and editorial stations in the medium enterprise of its family Ringier 1976/1977 completed a trainee program with the Heinrich farmer of publishing house in Hamburg. Subsequently, he worked for the restaurant editorship "star" and conceived (likewise for Gruner+Jahr) the magazine of "impulses", in whose Cologne editorship he led the department "marketing and management and enterprise" starting from 1980.

it turned 1983 back into Switzerland, where it transferred to the Ringier AG responsibility for new media and the German market. 1985 became Michael Ringier management president of the Ringier AG, 1990 board of directors president. 1991 he took the exclusive responsibility for the enterprise as a board of directors president. In the year 1997 it withdrew then as a president of the board of directors and transferred as delegates of the board of directors the operational guidance of the Ringier AG. Besides he took over the journalistic guidance of the publishing house. In the year 2003 Ringier became a reverse-feed president of the Ringier getting thing AG.

On 24 November 2005 he communicated that the former German Federal Chancellor becomes active Gerhard than advisors for the Ringier publishing house.

The publishing house Ringier gives in Switzerland among other things the newspaper to view out as well as numerous magazines like the business paper cash and the magazine Cicero appearing in Berlin.

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