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Michael of moorlands (* 23 April 1954 in Davison, a suburb of Flint, Michigan, the USA) is an US-American film director and author. It became popular by its films "Roger & ME ", "Bowling for Columbine "and "Fahrenheit 9/11 ", as well as its briefly Satireshow radiated on the American and British television "TV nation ". Moorlands one assigns political linking and is well-known for his criticism at the acting Bush government.



Michael of moorlands was born as a son of franc and Veronica moorlands as a descendant of Irish immigrants on 23 April 1954. In addition it has two sisters named Anne and Veronica. It is married since 1990 with its Produzentin Kathleen Glynn and has with it a daughter named Natalie (* 1981).


Moorlands buildup in Davison, a Villen-Vorort of Flint. Except it its whole family for general of engine (GM) worked, the largest employer of the city, whose birth place was Flint. Its nut/mother was a secretary, its father worked there at GM as a craftsman. Its uncle was one the worker, who had introduced the trade union by its strikes in the thirties with GM. Already in recent years moorlands that joined national Rifle Association and won there some honors. At the age of 14 years it visited the Catholic Seminary, in which it prepared for the office for priest. Subsequently, it visited the Davison High School to 1972, where it became acquainted with also its later Produzentin and wife Kathleen Glynn. With 18 he was selected in the "Davison school board" and became in such a way one of the youngest selected representatives of the people in the history of the USA.

Journalist career

At the age of 22 years its education office gave moorlands up and dedicated themselves to its passion, the journalism completely. With The Flint Voice it created a magazine, which enjoyed soon the call as one of the most respected alternative publications in the country and whose editor-in-chief he was ten years long. In the meantime the magazine in The Michigan Voice was renamed. It adjusted these however, after it had gotten an offer of the newspaper Mother Jones from San Francisco. There he was afterwards columnist and also an editor. Since it remained faithful however for its kind and selected some all too self-willed topics for its articles, it returned after only five months to Flint, where general of engine admits straight had given that the works in the city should be closed. After its dismissal he was employed by Ralph Nader, which separated however soon because of personal differences from him.

Film and author career

Famous moorlands became world-wide particularly by its usually sow-Irish books and documentary films, in which it anprangert in particular the behavior of large-scale enterprises and the policy political rights in the USA.

1988 and 1989 he turned the film with small financial means "Roger & ME ", which help him in the film business to the break-through. In the film the occurred pauperization of its hometown Flint is brought up for discussion by the locking of the there GM works. Roger Smith, the GM boss at that time tries moorlands in vain to place to the speech in the film. The percentages of profits out "Roger & ME "he used for the establishment "centers for alternative Media ", a donation, which supports independent film producers and social groups. 1992 followed then "Pets or Meat - The Return ton of Flint ", a Nachklapp too "Roger & ME ": In this Kurzfilm the current situation in Flint was documented. After this film "Canadian Bacon planned to bring moorlands out the film ", but nobody wanted to be film script to support.

Instead of its new film offered to it NBC, a TV-show to make. It accepted nation after some doubts and developed in the year 1994 "for TV in such a way ". The series enjoyed high popularity and won 1995 the Emmy for the best TV-show. After only one and a half years the transmission was stopped in September 1995, since the contract for this transmission had not been extended. However enough budget had attained moorlands in order to even finance and thus also carry out its disputed film "Canadian Bacon ". In the year 1998 moorland book appeared "Hurra America!" (written together with its wife), in which he expresses sharp criticism at president at that time Bill Clinton.

In the year 2000 belonged moorlands to the prominent supporters of Ralph Naders candidacy for the US president shank choice, since it had reconciled itself in the meantime with this. It called the reasons, why he supported its candidacy, in its 2002 book published "Stupid White Men ": Like that was disappointed moorlands over the policy of Bill Clinton, which he saw as far as possible as voter betrayal. In addition it had written a letter at aluminium Gore and had requested it to call it reasons why it is to select it. The letter in reply of Gore does not have it however convinced, with which for it was finally clear, to support Nader.

By its international admittingness supported, became also its books - particularly transverse shots - Downsize This! , Stupid White Men and full covering, Mr. Bush - millionfold sells. The books provoked similar controversies as the films. The magazine The new Republic called its printer certifications ironically "Chomsky for children "- an allusion on the sharp political government criticism of the important linguist Noam Chomsky. With the films Bowling for Columbine (2002) and Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) it became an internationally considered film producer. At the latest by its speech in the context of the OSCAR award ("Shame on you Mr. Bush! " ) in the year 2003 moorlands became world-famous.

For its film "Fahrenheit 9/11 "he received the price of the jury with the film festivals in Cannes and won "the palm D' Or ", the Festivalspreis for the best film. Since he had not succeeded to prevent the re-election from Bush to it published few days after its renewed choice victory on its homepage 17 partly seriously, partly jokeful meant reasons, why one is not to cut oneself open the pulse veins. In addition it announced to turn with Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 a continuation of Fahrenheit 9/11 which was to come 2007 into the cinemas.

In the middle of 2005 it provided for headlines, since it based in its hometown Flint a Filmfestival, which was to serve the culture for the promotion. In the July of same yearly he was sued by James Nichols for payment of damages, since he accused moorlands him in the film "Bowling for Columbine "into a bad light to have moved. Moorlands won however the law case. James Nichols is the brother of Terry Nichols, which as an accomplice of Timothy McVeigh as well as this on the government building in Oklahoma town center had committed 1995 the bomb attack.

Meanwhile inspired its works several films like "super Size ME "from Morgan trace LOCK or "Charlie Wilsons war ", which the actor and OSCAR winner Tom Hanks to time turn. In the year 2006 moorland next film is to come "Sicko "into the cinemas, a film over the American health service.

Moorlands in the presidency election fight 2004

On 14 January 2004 on its Website its support for the candidacy of the democrat Wesley Clark explained moorlands with the presidency election of 2004. Clark could not become generally accepted with the preselections however. However explained itself moorlands ready, which democrats, independently of it, who candidate would succeed, to support with the presidency election fight it is, Joe Lieberman would have a running for itself decided: "I will not give a cent liking gladly Bush, which does in such a way, as if am it a democrat! ". In addition it steered George W. Bush during the preselections attention with the reference to itself, during its service in the national guard over longer time not to the service appeared. In the months before the presidency election 2004 moorlands by the "Swing States in such a way specified" of the USA and recruited on numerous demonstrations for the choice of the democratic presidency candidate John Kerry, which was for it according to own statement one at the furthest left candidates of the democratic party for a long time, tourte.

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