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Michael George Conrad (* 5 April 1846 in Gnodstadt/Lower Franconia; "† 20 December 1927 in Munich) was a German writer of the naturalism.


Conrad was the son of a farmer from Gnodstadt with market broad/Main. It visited only the teacher seminar in old part of town (Mitelfranken), in order to study Later still the technical philosophy and modern philology were added. Conrad changed later to the universities of Geneva, Neapel and Paris. Its study locked it 1868 with a graduation to the Dr. phil.

Still in the same year it went for two years to Geneva, in order to inform there as teachers at the German lutherischen school. 1870/71 it committed itself to Italy, where it lived until 1878. In this year it changed to Paris, where it remained five years and was active as a lecturer at institutes the polyglot. The last year of its France stay he worked mostly in Paris offices of the Frankfurt newspaper.

1883 took place the removal to Munich. Here Conrad was promoted very soon to a central figure of the naturalistischen movement. As literary critic and a journalist, in addition, as editor and a publisher of the magazine Conrad the mental climate of Munich affected the society much.

To at the beginning of of 1885 it created the society for modern life together with Karl remain-faithfully. The association newspaper the society was from the outset the principal organ "residents of Munich of the naturalism". As a publisher it led it nearly ten years long, until it gave then this office up 1893. In this magazine Conrad occurred numerous essays, editorials and reviews particularly for one in the sense of realism and naturalism renewed German literature, in addition, society.

1887 married Conrad in second marriage the residents of Munich yard actress and authoress Marie Ramlo, which under the name Marie Conrad Ramlo published.

In the years 1896 to 1898 it belonged to the German Reichstag as national liberal of delegates.

At the age of 81 years Michael George Conrad died on 20 December 1927 in Munich.


  • To the national education question in the German Reich, free educational sociale studies and reform suggestions for the promotion of the educating sciences and clearing-up of the people, 1871
  • The Loge in the culture fight, 1875
  • "More lights ". Critical views over the free bricklaying, 1877
  • Lutetias of daughters, narration, 1883
  • Bad society, realistic novellas, 1885
  • The Emanzipierten, comedy, 1888
  • Which rushes the Isar, novel in three volumes, 1888
    • 1. Which rushes the Isar
    • 2. The intelligent virgins
    • 3. The Beichte of the fool
  • Pumpanella, 1889
  • The fight around the existence of the literature, 1890
  • Last truths, 1892
  • The social-democracy and the modern trend, essay, 1893
  • Resident of Munich spring miracle, novel, 1895
  • In purpurner darkness, novel, 1895
  • Of Emile Zola to Gerhart captain, autobiography, 1902
  • Majesty, a king novel, 1920


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