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Methyl nitrate is a water-clear liquid of strong smell. It is won by nitrating of methanol. Despite its explosiveness methyl nitrate has hardly meaning as explosive.

Structural formula
General information
NameMethyl nitrate
Other names-
Sum formulaCH3NO3
CAS number598-58-3
Short description-
Mol mass77.04 g/mol
State of aggregationliquid
Density1.2 g/cm
Melting point-82.5 "°C
Boiling point64.6 "°C
Steam pressure- Pa (x "°C)
Safety references
R and S-sentencesR: S:
As far as possible and common, SI-UNITs are used. If not differently notes, the indicated data apply with standard conditions.


Production and representation

Methyl nitrate is an explosive, which is won by careful nitrating of methanol with under strong cooling:


Methyl nitrate is accordingly an ester of the nitric acid with methanol as alcoholic Komponente.Daneben develops it already with careful Abdestillieren from a mixture from 65%iger nitric acid with methanol under additive of little urea, which prevents decomposition by connection of nitrosen gases up to the explosion.


Methyl nitrate has a density of 1,21 g/cm and a substantial explosiveness. The detonation speed amounts to approx. 6700m/s. methyl nitrate is a water-clear liquid with strong, aromatic smell, which causes fast violent headache. The sensitivity to impact is smaller than from Glycerintrinitrat (Nitroglycerin), the evaporability however clearly higher. The explosive yield is similar to the Nitroglycerin, also gelatiniert the substance as well as nitrocellulose ones, so that Alfred Nobel let itself be protected during the description of the blowing up gel also the similar mixture with methyl nitrate, which was never technically used however because of the evaporability. Steams of the methyl nitrate are extremely explosive also without Luftzutritt, which led in the 19.Jahrhundert with the occasional production of the substance as intermediate product to the coloring material synthesis to several explosion disasters (e.g. .in St.Denis, 1874). In an open bowl without previous evaporation the methyl nitrate burns calmly, when ignition in a test tube takes place explosion down without necessary


Methyl nitrate does not have a larger attention as explosive found, however than mixture with a content of 25% methanol found it under the name Myrol in the 3. Richly use as rocket fuel after A.Stettbacher (Spreng-und of shooting materials, rapid publishing house Zurich, 1948) served the substance as fire material with the realm tag fire 1933.J.Gartz represents in a rezenten work that only the methyl nitrate with its Herstellungs-und explosion potential can represent the famous and geheimnisumwitterte "shooting water" from the German fireworks book of approximately 1420. (Culture history of the Explosivstoffe.E.S.Mittler &Sohn, Hamburg, 2006)

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