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For the production of a higher number of items of homogeneous workpieces the employment of the metal spray procedure for the form production is favorable. These forms are used afterwards e.g. to the injection moulding or blisters by plastic parts. The metal spray procedure is thereby only one element during the duplication of the prototypes, which the actual production of the small or medium series must follow.

At the beginning of the production of the form a parting agent is laid on on the Urmodell and the shaped part level with the help of a plate is defined. With the help of a special spray gun thereafter a thin layer is laid on by metal on the Urmodelle and the shaped part level. In addition in the spray gun the necessary material is liquefied by heating. Depending upon load of the form which can be produced the thickness of the layer is selected. Them amount to about 2-4 mm. This form is in a form framework. The remaining cavity is filled with the help of a special material.

The wadding consists in addition of a plastic or a gypsum mixture, to which if necessary for the improvement of the maximum stress of the manufactured tools glass fibers or iron splinters can be e.g. added. After the completion of the first half-mold the production of the further necessary shaped parts takes place. For the production of the parts also an integration of cores and other elements is possible. With the help of an exciting rework the form in the surface can be improved and be provided with additional elements (e.g. ejectors). Afterwards the form is available as tool for the production of a middle number of items of workpieces.

The produced tool is available now for the employment for manufacturing the production items with the help of the injection moulding or blowing. The production of forms with the help of the metal spray procedure and their use offers the following substantial advantages:

  • larger output per sharpening of the produced forms
  • higher maximum stress of the produced forms
  • larger variety of the materials processable in the form

Simultaneous the following disadvantages are to be considered:

  • high material and expenditure of time for the production of the forms
  • fast wear of filigranen form elements

An area of application for the metal spray procedure is the production of small series and prototype series within the process chain rapidly Product development.

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