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Meridian 59
Short info.
Play developer:Neardeathstudios
Publisher:MDO Entertainment
Publication date:The 1996 USA, 1997 Germany
Play modes:Multiplayer
Player at the same time on a server on-line:max. 180
Acoustic output:none
Interactive videotext:German

Meridian 59, which first 1996 in the USA and well one year came later into Germany on the market, was first only over Internet the playable multi-user play.

It offers a persistente world and a 3D-Grafik-Client for the representation of the play world. The number of players per server is still relatively small with 150-180 players, however Meridian was presented to the public as the first Massively Multiplayer play (MMORPG) and began thereby a triumphant advance by the still young Internet world.

Meridian 59 was completely located 1997 in German language and offered in the year 2000. Afterwards the offer was stopped because of the insolvency of the operators. In May 2002 the play appeared however again with a new operator MDO Entertainment and already in former times the Lead Gamemaster Merrit active in Meridian. Meridian 59 is operated to today by MDO Entertainment further and enjoys still of substantial popularity. 2004 gave it a considerable diagram update, whatever presents the old play optically better.

To the outstanding features of Meridian 59 belong in particular:

  • A fast structure of character
  • Exciting PvP (fights players against players)
  • Arena with matches
  • Gildensystem with own Gildenhallen
  • Mailsystem within the play
  • Public and private message balls (black boards)
  • Iurisdiction by the players (judge elections)
  • Many rollenspielerische possibilities (recordable Pergamente, engravable articles)
  • Own furnishable rooms for the players
  • Great and helpful on-line Community
  • Small and visible server worlds, in which one knows oneself and rapidly contact finds

Further information:

There is five charm schools as well as the weapon school in the play altogether. Depending upon distribution of its Skillpunkte during the character production one can master differently many charm schools. One needs 10 points of intelligence per charm school.

One begins the play after the character production in Raza, a kind Tutorial level. Here one learns very rapidly the most important things over the play and masters its first fights. One "awakes" in a tavern. There signs, which one clicks with the right mouse button, stand in order closer information to get. In addition the landlord before itself plappert. One can address it also on certain terms.

One leaves the tavern is outside still some other buildings, which one should absolutely visit. Among other things one finds the Mausoleum. Here the first monsters wait for the young adventurer. One fights these mummies and collects booty in. One can sell these in the shops of the Tutorial level and improves weapons etc. to receive.

In Raza one can remain, until one reached 25 points of life. One can leave the Tutorial of course in former times, but it is better, if one remains to one there the 25 hit POINTs has. Thus one marches again in the Mausoleum and fights there. Who already gave itself during the character production charms, this can also practice. Otherwise is however generally recommended to be limited and only late charm buy only once to the weapon talents.

If one mastered the Tutorial, one can leave it by a magic gate in the university. But one loses thereby all money and equipment! In the "real" world one receives a first weapon and a little money for the start. The character comes in one of the cities of Meridians to the world. Before these cities always are Newbiezonen with simple opponents, at whom one can try its combat art out only once. But caution is always required. because the character dies, awakes one in the underworld. The equipment remains with the dead body, and if one not in time back is, it disappears.

It is advisable urgently to look for from the outset the contact to the fellow players. Not only that they can give valuable Tipps, they help often also in the emergency. And each on-line play more fun makes common.

The controlling of the play is by the way very easy. There is preset the WASD keys for movement, one can however with the options for example also the arrow keys select. Doors open, if one presses the space bar. With one right-click with the mouse can one goals mark. The weapon is swung with the STRG key. Around other players to respond one taps: tell <name> text. Thus for example: tell Hans's hello!

Who wants to test Meridian 59 witthout obligation, can put on itself on the official Website a free sample account, which is 14 days long playable. If one decides to remain oneself, this account can be further played.

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