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A mercenary organization (English private Military company (PMC)) is to be participated a business enterprise, which consists of civilians and is assigned by a state or a company, in a war supporting as not Kombattanten or in war or crisis areas determined risky tasks (e.g. person or security) fulfill (military service achievements). The entire equipment (weapons, vehicles, radio engineering), which organization (supply, command string) and the training procured.

General information

Mercenary organizations possess usually the most modern weapons and devices. This service is usually offered by companies from the USA, Great Britain or South Africa.

Advantages for the clients, behind whom in most cases states or international companies hide themselves:

  • No diplomatic entangling
  • Masking of own Verlustzahlen
  • more economically than employment of own armed forces

The mercenaries are bound not for the direct instruction of the client, must fulfill however their contract. The members of the private military enterprises are not university-formed, them according to that Geneva convention as civilians are treated for international-law reasons. Active participation in "hostilities" is forbidden to them, however often are the borders between safety mission and combat happening flowing. The coworkers of the PMC are just as to those bound Geneva convention as soldiers, in case of an offence are it in practice however more difficult, them to the account to be pulled. Private military and safety companies move thus in an international-law gray area.

Recruiting takes place via direct or indirect recruitment. To a small part civilians or reservists are obligated. Above all the personnel becomes however from regular armies, above all the special-purpose forces abgeworben. The Motiviation for this is to be looked for in the high pay (entrance content "€ 100,000 per annum, which means the double income at least). The high pay is paid, since the activity is extremely danger-bent.

The difference to the Fremdenlegion consists, of it that the mercenary organizations are not a military federation.


Mercenary organizations were used first in Africa for Despoten. These companies experience an upswing since the Iraq war into the 1990er years.

The United States from America were received since 1994 3,601 contract connections with a quantity of orders of 300 billion US Dollar with twelve US-American private military enterprises.

The private military enterprise DynCorp was among other things involved with sharp methods in in the Abu Ghreib prison in the Iraq war.


Private mercenary organizations stand again and again in the criticism, since they cannot be pulled comparably like the military for their acts to the account. Thus cases of drug/diamond smuggling, weapon and woman trade come again and again to the light, with which the private companies in the conflict area along-earned.


United States of America

Other one

  • Executive Outcomes, South Africa
  • Meteoric Tactical Solutions, South Africa
  • Erinys, South Africa Great Britain
  • Levdan - Israel
  • Secordia PMC, Czech republic

See also:

Fremdenlegion, private army, Kombattant, free corps, warfare

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