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A mechanical shaker is on the one hand a machine, which was used in the cultivation of hemp, used in the historical agriculture, on the other hand a laboratory instrument for even mixing of liquid samples or reagents.

The agricultural mechanical shaker vibrates the seeds from the bloom conditions of the plant, in order to separate it from the remaining plant parts to. After the seeds with the so-called grooving board were separate from the bloom, the in a Brechmaschine was broken and pulled afterwards by combs. The blooms dropped and came to into the mechanical shaker which was claimant with wind force. By the movement the seeds fell by the filter and could be caught and used in such a way under the machine.

See also: Grooving board Brechmaschine

There are mechanical shakers in the laboratory in different versions. With over head mechanical shakers with plugs locked Rundkolben are clamped firm and turned over a horizontal axle "over head" slowly, so that contents of the pistons constantly mix themselves. With flat bed mechanical shakers Erlenmeyer flasks or beakers are kept constant by vibrating and/or circling movements of the horizontal edition in motion and thus liquid contents are mixed.

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