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August max Schreyer (* 7. September 1845 in Johanngeorgenstadt, "† 27. July 1922 in Pulsnitz) be a Saxonian and the poet the song Vugelbeerbaam.

Life and working

Schreyer comes of to a mountain official family, his father Carl August was a mountain auditor with the local mining authority and Knappschaftsschreiber.1851 it in the urban citizen school of its hometown was given first schooling to, at which at this time also Christian Friedrich informed. Starting from 1856 it visited the six-form high school in Anna mountain, afterwards the material High School in Chemnitz. Between 1866 and 1873 a study at the academy of forestry in Tharandt followed.

From 1873 to 1878 Schreyer worked as of the city Zittau and transferred then a on the Golk at these bar not far from of this time married it 1878 to Zittau the gold forging daughter Doris Hanner.

Schreyer, which was the ore mountains much obliged, sealed, probably in the year 1887 the song Vugelbeerbaam. As melody it used in down and upper Austria as well as into the Steiermark spread Volkslied in the Walzertakt me its lustign the . It appeared contemporaneous with the songs of Anton - first without denomination of the poet - as song postcard No. to 1 in the publishing house of William bird in Schwarzenberg/Erzgeb.

1887 it returned to the ore mountains and transferred the to On 1 November 1893 Schreyer was appointed as the in large It held this office up to its retirement in the year 1919.

Schreyer, which had been promoted 1904 to forest master and 1917 to the upper forest advice, was considered as informal and unterhaltsamer humans. Beside its Hauptwerk Schreyer, which already sealed since its study time, wrote also texts of further popular songs as well as poems in erzgebirgischer dialect. In addition the songs Tschumperliedel, there lusting to Hammerschmiedsgselln (original from Austria, belong s.o.), DO driebn un DO draussn and De Schwamme. Also vary Dr hammer-dear originates from his feather/spring.

Its Schreyer spent last life years with its daughter in Pulsnitz. On its burial place, which stands today under monument protection, it a Eberesche was planted.

From cause 100. Anniversary of its most well-known song 100 years after its service start in its former Forstrevier on the summit of the treasure stone with a Gedenktafel was brought to it into the rock. Also in its birth city Johanngeorgenstadt reminds Gedenkstein on the market place of the ore mountain poet.

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