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Max Rudolf Lehmann (*18. September 1886 in Leuben, "† 31 October 1965) was full professor of the management economics at the University of attaining Nuremberg.


Lehmann came of from a minister family from Saxonia and began after its education the study of the hut engineering too. it attained a doctorate to 1916 to the TH Aachen to the Dr. - three years later it attained a doctorate to engineer with Fritz Schmidt in Frankfurt/Main with a work over the account system on it received the training authorization for management economics at the University of Frankfurt/Main to 1920. Likewise 1920 it habilitierte to the TH Dresden and was up to a call to the Handelshochschule Nuremberg Dozent.1954 emeritierte there it.


  • Industrial calculation, meal 1964,
  • Methods and technology of business statistics, meal 1960
  • General management economics, Wiesbaden 1956
  • Justice in the economic life, Nuremberg 1955


  • Erich shepherd, max of Rudolf Lehmann "†, ZfhF 1966, P. 362-363

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