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Max Niedermayer (* 2 January 1905; "† 1968) were a publisher of the early Federal Republic of Germany; it stepped out also as publisher and an author.

It created the Limes publishing house after 1945 in Wiesbaden; it received permission that-American crew power in October 1945. It made a name soon as a publisher of the writer and poet Gottfried Benn, it telephoned themselves nearly weekly and changed numerous letters.


The deduction of the publisher is to large parts in German literature archives in Marbach because of the Neckar: SNM/DLA: Deduction Niedermayer, max


  • Niedermayer, max: Paris yard. Limes publishing house Wiesbaden 1945-1965, Wiesbaden: Limes 1965. With a bibliography of the publishing house publications.

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