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Max dear man of sun mountain (* 21 August 1848 in white water, west Prussia; "† 17 November 1911 in Berlin) was a German officer, party founder, delegate to Reichstag and anti-Semitic journalist in the German empire.


Dear man of sun mountain originated from a Prussian officer family and occurred 1866 like its father the Prussian army. As a Prime Minister second lieutenant it participated in the French-German war 1870/71, suffered heavy war injuries and with medals was distinguished.

In the empire sun mountain worked politically in the motion. For of William the Marr 1870 created Antisemitenliga it initiated one "Antisemitenpetition ", which demanded the exclusion of Jews from all public offices as well as an immigration ban for it and was signed by approx. 250,000 citizens. 1881 were brought in it by sun mountain in Reichstag. This action provided rapidly Germany-far popularity for it. In the same year it created the anti-Semitic aligned German people newspaper, whose editor-in-chief was he from 1885 to 1887.

1884 it left the Prussian army and dedicated themselves now completely to the work as writer and a political journalist, among other things as a publisher of the anti-Semitic German-social sheets. In their contributions the Jews were made responsible for the economic crises and social contrasts of the German industrialization. With propaganda to an allegedly over-powerful Jewish minority sun mountain of the religious-anti-Semitic Christian-social party was close, which the citizen of Berlin Hofprediger Adolf Stoecker had brought into being. It justified its refusal of the Jews racistic.

1889 reached sun mountain the combination of the Christian-social party with other anti-Semitic federations to the anti-Semitic German-social party. For these it drew 1890 into German Reichstag, whose member remained he until 1911. 1900 it united its party in addition with the German reform party created by Otto Boeckel to the German-social reform party. Their program was based on the common race theories of Houston Stewart Chamberlain and wanted to cancel the legal equal rights of the Jews living in Germany. Their party program spoke besides already of one "final solution of the Jew question "and "the destruction of the Jew people ".

1903 created sun mountain the economic combination, which used itself for special tariffs on English goods. They should protect the competitive power of German companies, which were threatened by a failure wave. But sun mountain and the clientele of its party made "the Manchester liberalism responsible "together with the Jew as alleged wire-pullers. With the realm tag choice in the same year the German-social reform party reached 3.5 per cent of the voices (= 16 mandates).

Starting from 1905 sun mountain supported the building of fleets in the Wilhelmini realm, publicised a war against England and warned of the English parliamentarism, which it understood as "decomposition "of the Patriotismus and the military strength of Germany. 1908 it attacked the English colonial Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain publicly and accused to it to undermine the German monarchy.

In Munich sun mountain in the summer 1911 published its memoirs from the luck time of my life. Memories from the large German war 1870/71 and died few months later on 17 November at the age of 63 years in Berlin.

Works (in selection)

  • Rhine journey. A Cyclus of lyric poems, 1878
  • Poems, 1879
  • The Jew question and the synagog fire in Neustettin, 1883
  • The Jew question and the synagog fire in Neustettin. Speech (after shorthand notes), held by 25. October 1883 in the large popular assembly on the citizen of Berlin support, 1883
  • The damage of the German national spirit by the Jewish nation. Lecture, 1892
  • The A history with 12 pictures from the life, 1894
  • From the luck time of my life. Memories from the large German war 1870/71, 1911

Publisher activity

  • Contributions for the history of the anti-Semitic movement from the year 1880-1885 existing in speeches, brochures, poems, 1885


  • Thomas's pasture man: Political Antisemitismus in the German empire. The realm tag delegate max dear man of sun mountain and the north Hessian constituency Fritzlar Homberg Ziegenhain. In: Refugee of homeland neighbour. Contributions for the history of the Jews in the circle Ziegenhain, hrsg. v. Hard TIG Bambey. Schwalmstadt Treysa: Verl. Stadtgesch. Working group among other things 1993. ISBN 3-924296-07-3
  • Ferdinand Werner: Dear man v. sun mountain. In: German ascent. Pictures from the past and presence of the parties to the right, hrsg. v. Hans's von Arnim and Georg von Below. Berlin and others: Cutter 1925. P. 315-321.

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