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"Material, -" self-service department stores form the retail chain in the food assortment of the Metro company. Approximately 75 per cent of the conversion by food are gained. material, - a large offer assortment at housewares, electrical appliances, books, media, textiles and shoes as well as stationery in addition, offer.

Beside branded articles also several trade marks are offered, among them "tip", with those the chain with Discountern compete concerning the price. Material, - "Payback" is involved beside the Obi building markets and further offerers also in the purchase discount system.

Enterprise numbers


Those material, - self-service department store GmbH, briefly material, - (in former times: material purchase) is an enterprise of the Metro AG and operates in Germany 287 department stores (conditions: September 2005), in Poland of 28 department stores and in the Turkey of 7 markets. Since 2003 "material, -" SELF-SERVICE of department stores and the "extra" are connected more closely the consumer markets. Parts of the extra markets were sold too material, - and 119 "extra" umfirmiert - consumer markets to the REWE group. 2004 of existed still 436 extra consumer markets with 12.600 coworkers and gained a net turnover of 2.8 billion euro. Starting from 2005 also the first markets in Russia open. In March 2006 the first market in Timisoara (Romania) was opened.

2005 was material reduced the number of locations that, - and specially houses in Germany of 708 to 552 markets. Further 40 markets are abroad.

Person employed

material, - inclusive extra employs 43,091 coworkers, of it 36,020 in Germany (conditions: 2005). Abroad rose the number of coworkers of 6.746 to 7.070 coworkers, of it 77% in markets in Poland.

Turnover and profit development

After the conversion of the enterprise rose until 2001, it had to accept since then a constantly shrinking conversion. To the conversion the material markets 75-80% contribute, the remainder are allotted to conversion of material, - and extra amounted to 2005 9,922 millions euro (of it 90% in Germany), which constituted approximately 24% for entire company conversion of the Metro Group 2005. The PUBLIC EXHIBITION FOR MULTIMEDIA (profit before interest and taxes) in the year 2005 reached a loss of 11.7 million euro. 2004 obtained material, - inclusive extra still another profit of 135.5 million euro.

History of the enterprise

material, - 1992 from the unification of the market chains developed divi, for bazaar, Continent, esbella and material purchase. Later followed massa, massa mobilely, masters, BLV, Huma and Suma. Each of these enterprises was regionally extremely successful over decades. 1998 was added 94 self-service department stores the all purchase and 20 self-service department stores of the South German war group of trees. In May 1999 finally five houses of the specially consumer markets GmbH changed too material, -.

The management was exchanged in connection with the chopping meat scandal and the moderate success of the expensive Werbekampagne "the new price time" in the year 2005.

For the year 2006 the Metro company with the reduction of costs program "strategy wants to try 2006" to make its subsidiary inland again more profitable. In addition personnel expenditure is to be saved by a high two digit amount of million.

Chopping meat scandal 2005

The public prosecutor's office Oldenburg determines 2005 in March because of offences against the food act and the chopping meat regulation. In two branches, in Laatzen and in Hanover, were coworkers of a former employee with "hid camera" surprised, as they packed and labeled Hackfleisch present again over the durability, in order to sell it in the market further. The determinations were expanded afterwards since four branches.

Critical viewers argue that it can be hardly coincidence that in individual branches directly several coworkers committed appropriate violations of the law. Further the individual coworkers would wear neither or personal advantages of the violations of the law to interest. It is to be therefore assumed those were pressurized in such a way locally responsible persons by superiors concerning the meats' committee quantities that they would have known to only help itself with violations of the law.

New technologies

Those material, - self-service department store GmbH opened self-service cashes additionally to the conventional cashes. To that in each case four self-service cashes know customer their goods themselves scanning, pack up and bar or by transfer to pay. It supplemental by "a self-service cash place a in such a way specified ", from which a coworker the procedures at the cashes pursue and for example the sales of alcoholic beverages or other products, whose sales is subject to a legal restriction, can authorize. Proponents of the new technology emphasize that the cost savings obtained by efficiency increase could make it possible to lower the end prices. Critics mark that by the mechanism by self-service cashes jobs are destroyed.

On 2 November 2004 the radio frequency identification technology (RFID) was introduced. RFID makes possible the contactless identification, control and pursuit of goods along the entire process chain. This technology permits for the first time complete control of the goods river. The new technologies and systems offer customers, trade and consumer goods industry a set of advantages: Process cycles such as orders, storage and transport lead to a goods production meeting demand. The criticism at the RFID technology concerns above all aspects of data security.

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