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Martin Heinrich Rathke (* 25 August 1793 in Danzig; "† 3 September 1860) was a German Anatom, Embryologe and a zoologist.


Rathke studied natural history and medicine in Goettingen and Berlin from 1814-1818. Subsequently, it went as a practical physician back to Danzig and became 1825 Chefarzt at the urban hospital, one year of late Kreisphysicus. 1829-1835 he was a professor for physiology and pathology at the University of Dorpat.

1835 took over Rathke the follow-up of Karl Ernst von Baer as professor for anatomy and Zoologie at the University of king mountain (Prussia). 1855 he was appointed the member of the royal society.

Rathke discovered the Kiemenbogen with embryos of mammals and birds. With comparative studies to the Kiemenentwicklung he found a in the roof of the itself-developing oral cavity. This, today as Rathke bag designated education is starting point for the emergence of the hypophysis front rag.

In addition Rathke is considered as one of the fathers of the Zoologie of the sea animals. He discovered the Lanzettfischchen as own kind and was concerned with crustaceans and Mollusken.


Rathke wrote over 125 articles, Monographien and books. Selection:

  • Investigations over the education and development of the river cancer. Leipzig, 1829.
  • Papers for the education and history of the development of humans and the Thiere. 2 volumes. Leipzig, F.C.W. bird, 1832-1833.
  • Over the emergence of the Glandula pituitaria. Archives for anatomy, physiology and scientific Medicin, Berlin, 1838:482 - 485.
  • History of the development of the Natter. King mountain, 1839.
  • Remarks over the building of the Amphioxus lanceolatus, a fish from the order of the Cyclostomas. King mountain, 1841.
  • Over the development of the turtles. Braunschweig, 1848.
  • Investigations on the development and the figure of the crocodiles. Braunschweig, 1866.
  • History of the development of the vertebrate animals. Leipzig 1861.


Heike Menz (2000): Martin Heinrich Rathke (1793-1860). A Embryologe 19. Jahrhunderts.Acta Biohistorica 7. Marburg. 280 sides.

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