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A puzzle play, similar to Mario & Yoshi as the play Tetris, is which 1991/92 were published by Nintendo for NES and Game Boy. In Japan it appeared at the end of of 1991 under the title Yoshi NO Tamago (about Yoshis egg translates), in the USA 1992 as Yoshi and at the end of of 1992 as Mario & Yoshi in Europe.

The play principle is simple. Down at the screen is Mario, which holds two trays in the hand. From above different squares with monsters fall down therein. Always two equal monsters must come one on the other, so that they dissolve. With the A-key Mario moves its trays, so that he can always be under the looked for monster, if this falls down. Sometimes fly also egg shells down, ever two bowls must one on the other-come, an upper half and a lower half, and a small Yoshi develops. If one has monsters however between the two egg shells still, depending upon number of monsters another Yoshi will develop, which gives points. Thus it gives for example

  • with 0 figures a baby Yoshi,
  • with 1 to 3 figures a Yoshi (100 points),
  • with 4 to 5 figures a wing Yoshi (200 points),
  • with 6 figures stars a Yoshi (500 points).

The simple, but very beautiful sound offers a special kind of charm.

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