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The Marianen is original one to the melanesischen speaking and culture area belonging Inselgruppe in the Pacific. It was short time (1899-1918) a German colony. Some of them forms today the American external area of the northern Marianen.


1521 discovered Ferdinand Magellan as first Europeans the Inselgruppe and called it Islas de Ladrones, "Ladronen "or "thief islands ", because the there inhabitants had stolen after European view things of Magellan's ships. 1667 were taken it by Spain in possession and designated after the Spanish queen Maria Anna of Austria, to the wife by king Philipp IV..

After the Spanish-American war Spain surrendered the southern part to the USA and sold with the German Spanish to contract on 12 February 1899 the northern part to the German Reich.

After the First World War the Marianen was placed to them by the under Japanese control, after the Second World War by the UN under control of the USA, 1978 the status one with the USA of associated state granted (northern Marianen) except Guam, which stands as "dependent territory" under direct colonial rule of the USA and possesses only a certain internal autonomy, since it serves as important military base of the USA.


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