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MapleStory is that world-wide first mass multi-player on-line game of roles (MMORPG) with a 2D-side-scrolling was diagram-devised and brought out MapleStory of that internationally transacts company Wizet.

MapleStory is divided in six versions: Official/global, Japan, Taiwan, Korean, Chinese and South East Asia MapleStory. This serves on the one hand for the avoidance of language problems and on the other hand for the avoidance of the problem of overcrowded play servers.


A goal in MapleStory is it to make its play character as strong as possible. This takes place via defeating monsters on the virtual continents Maple Iceland, Victoria Iceland, Ossyria and Ludibrium as well as via the release from certain tasks (Quests). In addition the play world is always constantly updated. So it can e.g. occur that it will give new islands, monsters, Quests or jobs. The strength of a play figure is indicated in Leveln (stages), Abilities (characteristics) and Skills (talents). Many players have however specialized goals of possessing so for example as much as possible different articles of equipment in order to differ optically strongly from other players to. Often one meets also on players, whose main objective is it to find new friends with whom it to converse and can solve tasks together.

In the play and should one can decide for an occupation, which it the player made possible to let its figure become still stronger by specialization. The player can select Krieger, Magier, thief and elbow contactor between the occupations.

One needs however a certain level around an occupation to exercise. If one Magier will wants needs one level 8 at least. With the other occupations one must have reached level 10 at least.

In the later play process one can select oneself then starting from level 30 its second occupation. With Kriegern are then the Fighter, Spearman and PAGE, with Magier Cleric, Ice/Lightning Wizard and Fire/Poison Wizard, with thieves Assassin and Banditund with elbow contactors Hunter and Crossbowman.

Starting from level 70 one can "ascend" then also still to the third occupation. As Fighter one ascends to Crusader, as Spearman to Dragonknight and as a PAGE to White Knight.Als Cleric too praised, as Ice/Lightning Wizard to Ice/Lightning Mage and as Fire/Poison Wizard to Fire/Poison Mage.Als Assassin to Hermit and as a bandit to Chief Bandit.Und as Hunter to Ranger and as Crossbowman to Sniper.

To make in other neureren versions of Maple story is it even possible a fourth job. In addition one must have reached then however level 120.

Background history

As is the case for many on-line plays background history is only unimportant also with MapleStory. The task of the player consists of releasing the world in MapleStory from all monsters to in order to thus terminate the centuries-old war between monsters and players.

Characteristics and characteristics

MapleStory is arranged contrary to most Multiplayer Games only two-dimensional. The organization in particular the nice play figures leans strongly against Japanese Manga and Anime.

The different versions have both independent web pages, and different stages in the development of the play. A German expenditure of the play does not give it so far.


The play is completely free. It is open however each player to acquire itself in the so-called cash Shop additional articles and play elements. In addition above all articles of equipment count, in addition, depends domestic animals and the possibility of the opening of an own shop for the sales of payment way thereby on the play version. In Germany it is possible to pay over an PayPal account.

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