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Structural formula
General information
NameMannitolhexanitrat (MHN)
Other namesNitromannit, Dilangil, Hypertenain, Manex, Manitrin, Maxitat, Medemanol, Nitranitrol
Sum formulaC6H8N6O18
CAS number15825-70-4
Mol mass452,16 g/mol
State of aggregationfirmly
Density1,604 g/cm
Melting point112,3"°C
Boiling point
Steam pressure Pa (x "°C)
Solubilitysolubly in acetone, Ether, hot alcohol
Safety references
R and S-sentencesR: S:
As far as possible and common, SI-UNITs are used. If not differently notes, the indicated data apply with standard conditions.

Mannitolhexanitrat or also Nitromannit is a rarely used explosive. It can become related it both and initial explosive and and main charge. Due to its small stability it is not used in Europe, since one can replace it by other sturdier explosives. Only in the USA it attained a certain meaning as blasting cap filling. It is stabilized with ammonium carbonate and must be absolutely acidless, since it can detonate otherwise spontaneously.

To advise against it by sixfold nitrating of Mannitol with production in unsecured laboratories is urgently for evident reasons referred small stability. Production by laymen is to likewise advise against this usually the necessary laboratory instruments and radiators does not possess there. Already at a mixture temperature of 18"°C everything threatens to explode.

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