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Manchego is the most well-known cheese from Spain and has a long tradition.


Manchego is called the sheep cheese, because for its production originally excluding sheep milk one used, which on the far level of La Mancha, to which grazed to homeland of the Don Quijote.


The loaves weigh approximately 2 kg and a semisolid to firm, pressed paste from raw milk to golden, white over lightyellow colored. The crust has a beige-brown, sometimes also darkens to black color, which a characteristic Rillenmmuster exhibits and multi colour mould cultures carry can.

The taste is dependent on the ripe one mildly, fresh to full mouth industrial union soft


Manchego is offered in different ripe conditions: Freshly (fresco; freshly), 3-4 months old (curado; matured), or up to one year matured (viejo; old).


Manchego connects itself magnificently with a dry red wine like the Rioja (wine) as lunch with something bread or on a it is suitable in addition, for the warm kitchen, since he melts very beautifully, for example for fillings. It has the best season in the spring and summer.

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