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Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 22:24:06

Nearly (MMF) a kind of chain letters designates fast money letters and/or Make Money after the snow ball system, which circulate today particularly in the Internet. Thereby abusive replacing of recordable sides acts around a net abuse, which can be driven with all media suitable for publishing, in the Internet in particular as Spam in the Usenet, as UBE or here in the Wikipedia as.

The principle is simple: With a confusing, very long, weinerlichen text the initiator tells a erschwindelte life history, according to which he was beg-poor in former times and is loaded today, and loads the readership for imitation in. This consists of it sending to 5 or 6 persons, who are listed in the MMF with name and address, ever a very small amount of cash (1 $ or "€) by post office the list around one hochzuscrollen setting the own names with address down more drunter and spreading whole a great many receivers further on.

Not only initiating MMF, but also the Mitspielen, are

  • In the area of application of the StGB a criminal offence,
  • In the Usenet always part of in and the same Spams, whose Breidbart index already lies for years over 20, so that one may do MMF canceln, without proving a too high Breidbart index in individual cases.

It net-abuse-network of Providern knows to report that above all very young (thus life-inexperienced) users come on the idea, to along-pass on. It gave also already innumerable mathematical views, with the proof that at best (on the illusory assumption that all fall on it) only the initiator and few levels of its succession money to completely earn can. The proof is based on the fact that on this earth only limits many humans live, so that the snow ball effect cannot continue infinitely.

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