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Maggi spice is liquid spice, which has a certain similarity with Sojasauce in appearance and taste. The taste reminds of which is called following the spice meanwhile also Maggikraut. "Maggi ", filled up in typical brown with red-yellow labels, is considered almost as synonym to all such and belongs in many households of Germany to the basic equipment of kitchen and Esstisch.

The Maggi spice was invented 1886 of Julius Maggi in the inhabitants of zurich locality Kemptthal (municipality Lindau) as inexpensive replacement for meat excerpt, and/or Sojasauce admitted to it from a Japan stay shared. The German address of Maggi was created 1887 in singing at the Hohentwiel (in close proximity to Konstanz), where since 2002 the German production emphasis is.

As basic materials wheat adhesive and Sojaschrot essentially serve. The protein contained in it was originally loosened and changed by cooking in hydrochloric acid. Today this method is not however any longer used, instead enzymatic procedures for the employment come. Subsequently, with caustic soda solution is neutralized, whereby also large quantities common salt develop. Yeast excerpt, Natriumglutamat and other flavours serve for the taste reinforcement. or other herbs are not contained. The developed product is filtered and colored with

"You a type of ark is dripping and sticky in form and substance, Elixier in the modern industrial age. The Americans created themselves Coca-Cola, the Germans their Maggi." (Thomas Bayrle)

Also Joseph Beuys took care of the Maggi spice and fastened 1972 a bottle Maggi and an Reclam expenditure of Immanuel Kant criticism of the pure reason in a black suit-case. It wanted to represent so the Transmutation of the subject in spirit.

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