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Page modified: Thursday, July 14, 2011 01:29:32

A machine ring is to be used a union of agricultural enterprises around agricultural machinery together.

In the Bavarian book furnace Dr. Erich Geiersberger 1958 created the first machine ring. With this new model it put the foundation-stone for a modern, organized rural partnership. The machine ring idea spread world-wide. There is also agricultural wage entrepreneurs as well as co-operation in the agriculture.

For the moment there are 268 machine rings in Germany, in which are organized over 194.000 farmers. Thus are organized over 52% of all German farmers in machine rings. The machine rings in Germany have to strengthen themselves it made the task solidarity thought between the different member enterprises. Before this background the MR offers solutions for the economic and social range to its agricultural enterprises. The machine rings promote thereby the rural area and make an important contribution for the stabilization of the agriculture.

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