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When a formform form of viruses and phages designated Lysogener cycle, with which the DNA is integrated temporarily in the Genom of the landlord.


  • Landlord cell - contact with virus (Adsorbtion)
  • "Injection" of the virus gene COM (DNA or RNA)
  • Integration of the virus gene COM into the Wirtsgenom storage in certain regions of the DNA of the landlord (circular Genom) (with RNA viruses only Transskription in DNA then integration)
  • rests as pro phage
  • with certain environmental factors: Phage occurs lytischen cycle

Lysogener cycle with phages

Beside the virulenten phages also such arise, which temperent as, thus "moderately", to be designated. This designation agitates therefore that these phages infect their landlord cells, but necessarily does not lysieren. A Lysis can not occur, does not have however. A such not lytischen infection cycle calls one lysogen. It runs first similarly in principle to '' the lytischen '' infection cycle, which concerns adsorption and injection. After the injection neither a Eklipse arises, nor the Metabolismus of the landlord cell is changed over to the phage reproduction, but the phage DNA deposits itself to the circular Genom of the landlord cell by selection and into this is integrated. The Phagengenom is called after conclusion of this storage after Lwoff pro phage. Cell division of the landlord at its daughter cells can remain integrated for such pro phage on indefinite time in the hereditary property of the landlord cell and pass on with each - perhaps it is integrated durably into the hereditary material of the landlord and represents thereby a special form of the mutation. A bacteria population, which contains pro phages, is called lysogen, producing a i.e lytisches principle. To form such culture is however quite in layer, phages, for example after (slight, since UV-RADIATION is one of the few means to damage over viruses lastingly) UV irradiation or addition of karzinogenen or mutagenen substances. Here it comes to an induction in such a way specified, i.e., the pro phage from the bacterial Genom is separated and it comes to a vegetative Vermehrung and education of ripe phages with following Lysis as '' infection cycle lytischen with one ''.

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