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Lulu of bunch and Torney (* 20 September 1873 in Bueckeburg; "† 19 June 1956 in Jena) was a German Dichterin and authoress.


Lulu of bunch and Torney was born as a daughter of a major general and a chamber gentleman in schaumburg lippischen services and a nut/mother in Bueckeburg, originating from the Jeverland. Their youth was coined/shaped strongly by their grandfather, the conservative poet, researcher and theologian Viktor by bunch and Torney.

1898 published it first poems. She found their topics in the idyllischen Schaumburger country, in addition, in the march country and at the North Sea. 1901 appeared its first novella, "farmer pride". She found contact to the circle around the poet of Muenchhausen and became acquainted with Agnes Miegel and Theodor Heuss, with which she connected a lifelong friendship.

It all wrote their most important works before the First World War. 1916 married it the publisher Eugen Diederichs and pulled to Jena. Under its influence it turned to the religious one, legends and fairy tales.

Due to their proximity to the blood and soil ideology in their early farmer novels the national socialists ranked them among their authors.

Honors and honours

  • Honour gift of the German Schillerstiftung

Works (in selection)

  • Farmer pride, novella, 1901
  • A life , novella, 1904
  • Village history in the modern literature, 1906
  • Yard at the Brink, 1906
  • Lucifer, novel, 1907
  • The life of the holy Franz of Assisi, 1909
  • Winner and defeated, novellas, 1909
  • Judas, novel, 1911 (later under the title of the Judashof. A down-German hereditary yard novel, 1937)
  • Ripely the seed stands. New Balladen, 1919
  • The recent day, novel, 1922
  • The life of holy Elizabeth, 1926
  • German woman life in the time of the Saxonia emperors and high baptism, 1927
  • From the conventional Meier to the Bismarck time. From the life of a ninety-year old, Biografie, 1932 (Biografie over Viktor of bunch and Torney)
  • Earth of the fathers. Selected poems, 1936
  • The golden face, poems, 1943


  • Ulf Diederichs: Agnes Miegel, Lulu of bunch and Torney and the house Diederichs. The history of a lifelong friendship. Bath nominal village: Agnes Miegel Ges. 2005. ISBN 3-928375-27-X
  • Liselotte Zander: The Balladen of the Lulu of bunch and Torney. An appreciation after content and shape. Grab forest: Univ. Diss. 1951.

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