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Lula is a video game heroine in several Erotik plays for the computer. It represents the "type of ideal woman" from the view of many men: Blond hair, blue eyes, perfect a figure and a sumptuous upper width distinguish them.

History of the figure

Lula is a Sexbombe and would like the star of the Pornogewerbes to become. On own initiative that does not function, then she must withdraw herself into the Kaff Wet skirt. There it meets the likewise struck down with a bank robbery of its portion robbed and sit-let Boogey, which is to make career together with it in the Lula comes completely largely raus and becomes a star.


In its first play Wet The Sexy Empire is Lula rather a typical Porno Nixe. Above all their female attractions, its sharp tongue and the indication style of Carsten how/as country made them probably famous. Lula works in its role in this play rather passively, whereas she in her newer title Lula 3D (where she, as the title says, arises in the 3D-Grafikgewand) the heroine of the 90's represents: Powerfully, gewitzt, intelligently and sexy.


  • Wet The Sexy Empire (1997)
  • Wet Attack
  • Lula Flipper
  • Lula Inside
  • Lula 3D (2005)

The newest play Lula 3D was developed by the company Vulpine and published by CDV (see report of TVG).

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