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Charles Luciano (* 11 November 1896 in Lercara Friddi on Sicilies; "† 26 January 1962 in Neapel), better admits than Lucky Luciano, was a legendary US-American Mafioso.


Luciano was born as Salvatore Lucania in the village Lercara Friddi, about 25 km east of Corleone on Sicilies. When it was ten years old, its family pulled into the USA. Already in recent years he made his money, by requiring of other children in the Mafia style protection money: Who paid not daily or two a cent, one would together-strike. Another boy, who refused itself paying and supplied with to Luciano a good fight, was Meyer Lansky - an anecdote, whose correctness is to be doubted, since Luciano is inclined to the legend formation. It became later a legendary gangster and both was likewise time of its life Freunde.Luciano succeeded it to put the foundation-stone and the logistics of the organized crime of the future by ensuring that the "normal" civilian population spares as far as possible remained and only counted the "own thing". It continued to put also the essential structure of the division of power within the command structure the clan and provided thus for order and relative personal security for the members the clan and at the same time also outward. In particular it set as far as possible an end for the bloody gang wars, which raved before its seizure of power frequently, led on open road without consideration for the indifferent ones. He is thereby a personality, that emphasizes itself clearly under the other Mafiosi of its time.

Criminal career

1916 were condemned Luciano, for which the Five POINTs course close stood, because of drug trade to a short term of imprisonment. Close ones stood for it Lansky and Bugsy seal, in the meantime as "nose and Meyer mobilization" well-known, and its youth friend franc Costello. New Yorks Mafiosi became attentive to it. For the time being Luciano worked starting from 1920 as a to a large extent independent liquor smuggler and met thereby Vito Genovese and Giuseppe Antonio Doto, better well-known than Joe Adonis, as well as Dutch Schultz.

Luciano captivated soon on own fist politician such as Big Bill Dwyer, whereby Arnold Rothstein served as its Mentor. Franc Costello was, although older, its second man.

Willy-nilly Luciano with the local Mafia king Joe "The Boss" Masseria had to arrange itself, although it was much of liberals as the conservative Masseria and abhorred gang wars in the Ghetto. It came nevertheless to such a conflict, when the war of Castellammare between Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano began 1930. Luciano played the two successfully against each other out and let first Masseria and then Maranzano switch off, after this had appointed itself the Capo di tutti capi. Maranzano had not trusted Luciano likewise and had not planned, it together with Genovese to switch Costello off and Chicago Boss aluminium Capone fast. Luciano forestalled it: Four men Lanskys came as tax investigators disguised into Maranzanos office, where they killed him. The killers met a killer, that had been supposed to kill Luciano and Genovese on the escape WAD Dog Coll. They told, it to it concern a raid, whereupon it likewise fled.

After Masseria and Maranzano were switched off, Luciano in a the position was to reach its vision. It united finally the most important leaders of the organized crime - also different nationality - new Yorks in national the Crime Syndicate and created the commission, a committee of the Bosse. Contrary to Maranzano, which tried, to present itself as leaders of an organization similarly the Roman realm Luciano developed a decentralized structure. The individual Mafia families divided territories and activities under itself and met, in order to mediate with disputes among themselves. Thus bloody gang wars - like the aluminium Capones into the 1920er years - could be avoided successfully, the families could at the same time larger incomes secure themselves and their positions strengthen.

1936 succeeded it however Thomas's E. to Dewey to condemn Luciano because of prostitution. The measure of punishment amounted to 30 to 50 years, it sat finally only ten years. Still before its condemnation Luciano had tried to hold Dutch Schultz to murder Dewey. When Schultz made clear to hold to its plan Luciano Schultz let murder.

During the Second World War America needed new allied ones, in order to get the invasion going on Sicilies. Luciano was the perfect choice for the US army: It was in the prison, had however good connections to the Italian mafia, who was strictly pursued under fascism in Italy. In addition Costellos of people the dock labourer trade union controlled franc, in which one assumed German feeler gauges. As Patriot both the USA and Siziliens helped he enormously and being entitled was recompenced. 1946 it released on the condition to return the United States too left and to Italy. It accepted the agreement, was however deeply hurt to have to leave the USA. In the same year it traveled to a Mafia conference in Havanna (Cuba), in which also Lansky and Costello participated. The foundation-stone for casino business with the Cuban dictator Batista was put - and Bugsy of seal murder was planned, since this read the mafia in Vegas with its too expensive casino "The flamingo" much money become had cost. Since the US Government of its presence on the Caribbean island received, it had to return to Italy. There it acted with drugs and took over the black market of Vito Genovese, which had had to leave the USA in the meantime.

1957 accomplished Vito Genovese within Lucianos organization a Putsch: It induced franc Costello by a touching shot at the head to the resignation and let then Albert Anastasia kill, Boss of another family. Luciano, Lansky and its men left to Genovese however lift-off (like Luciano stated), and it because of drug trade were condemned.

On 26 January 1962 Luciano at a cardiac infarct in the airport of Neapel died. He was buried New York on the pc. John's cemetery in Queens, after a Federal court decided the fact that the funeral in American earth could not be prevented, since a corpse is not a citizen of a state and thus no immigrant control or is subject to deportation laws.

It is told that Luciano often met US soldiers during the 1940er years with course journeys by Italy and that it enjoyed it from its compatriots recognized and to be fotographiert and autographs give.

Luciano supported Frank Sinatra and help it to its success. From Francesco Rosi gives it the film "Lucky Luciano".

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