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Low pressure casting (short lp) is an industrial casting procedure for the production of parts and products.

Metal casting:

By low pressure casting process (lp casting process) one understands casting arrangements, with those the Matallschmelze (main aluminum, in addition, magnesium, copper and iron) usually by means of a tubing from downside ago into the form getting area of the put on mold, usually a mold (continuous form), in addition, a Sandform or a fine mold (bowl form), is pressed. The upward motion of the liquid metal is preferably caused against the force of gravity according to the gas pressure principle. The fundamental expiration of procedure is following. By gas pressure admission the metal arrives rising into the form getting area. After the mould filling the gas pressure remains maintaining, in order to make refeeding possible for the reconciliation of the volume deficit (pipe) with the transition of the liquid to the solid state also during the solidification. This presupposes naturally a if possible arranged solidification from above untern and causes a as favorable or a cross section gradations as possible.

Plastic casting:

The term low pressure casting is used also in connection with the Umspritzen by Hotmelt (fusion adhesive). Here a hot liquid plastic mass with low pressure (1-30 bar) is pressed into a tool.

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