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Louise petrol Peter (alias Otto star) (* 26. March 1819 in Meissen - "† 13. March 1895 in Leipzig) was an authoress and co-foundress of the German women's movement. It was called "lark of people spring ". Their verses were carried from the departure tendency of the


Louise Otto originated from civil, wealthy family. Their father was a director of court, occasionally also senator. Louise Otto became with 17 years full orphan; it denied their living costs particularly with the inheritance and literary activity.

As a young woman she had learned the oppressive emergency of the factory hands on the occasion of an attendance with her sister in Oederan to know and had described in their novel "lock and factory ". The experience became the to occur for the rights and for the support of the workers. In newspapers it published articles, first under the alias "Otto star "or "a Saxonian girl ".

When 1843 Robert Blum in "the Saxonian native country sheets raised "the question to the political position of the woman, Louise Otto in the same sheet answered: "The participation of the woman at the interests of the state is not a right, but an obligation. "

During the March revolution 48/49 Louise Otto arranged the demand on the commission, that worked to politico-economic questions in Saxonia, to provide also for the organization of the woman's work among other things therefore, in order not to drive women into the prostitution.

1849 became it Herausgeberin "of the woman newspaper "under the slogan "the realm of the liberty werb I citizens! ". House searches, dissolution followed from their along-justified dienstboten and female worker associations due to the Prussian law relating to associations of 1851, prohibition of the woman newspaper 1850 due to the Saxonian press law. It evaded with the editorship after Gera, before 1852 a final prohibition took place via a similar Prussian law.

In the consequence work it in libraries of Dresden and Leipzig, wrote articles, reviews and novels and gave change with its man August Peter up to its death 1864 "the Central German people newspaper ".

1865 were it co-foundress of the Leipziger of woman education association and still appointed in the same year the first German conference of woman to Leipzig. She was also co-foundress of the general one of German woman Mrs. (ADF), which it led during the following three decades. It cooperates also in the editorship of the association newspaper "new courses ". From it suggestions proceeded, female workers not only as a target group to karitativen and educational working to respond but also as fellow combatant inside for the rights of the woman. The ADF operated also a Sundays school, a continuation school for girls and a food institute and organized maintenance evenings for women.

Writings (selection)

  • Woman life in the German Reich: Memories from D. Past with reference to present and future, reprint of the expenditure Leipzig, shepherd, 1876, Paderborn: Hut man, 1988
  • Lock and factory, novel, hrsg. and with a Nachw. verse. by Johanna Ludwig, 1. complete expenditure 1846 censored novel. Leipzig: LKG, 1996
  • The right of the women to acquisition: Views of the woman life of the present, the first edition 1866, Leipzig: Leipziger Univ. - Verl., 1997

Secondary literature

  • Louise petrol Peter: political Denkerin and Wegbereiterin of the German women's movement, Saxonian national center for political education. Hrsg. of Ilse Nagelschmidt, Dresden 1996
  • Carol Diethe, The life and work OF Germany's founding tool NIST, Louise petrol Peter, (1819 - 1895), Lewiston, NY [among other things]: Edwin Mellen press, 2002
  • Christine Otto, Variationen of the "poetic tendency novel": the telling work by Louise petrol Peter, Pfaffenweiler: Centaurus Verl. - Total ones, 1995


In Leipzig remind a monument (in the rose valley), a place (Louise Otto Peterplace), a road (Louise Otto Peteravenue) as well as a Gedenktafel (for their house since 1868, in the cross road) to it. Also their gravestone is received on the old person Johannisfriedhof.

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