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Lothar book home (* 6 February 1918 in Weimar) is a German writer, painter, an art collecting tank and a publisher.

Lothar book home was born on 6 February 1918 as a son of the German painter Charlotte book home in Weimar. It has a brother, Klaus book home, who came two years later into the world.

With its family it moved 1924 after Rochlitz, where it spent its remaining childhood. When Lothar was straight times 14 years old, the removal followed after Chemnitz. Here it made far Radtouren with its brother, partly up to the Baltic Sea to draw and this in Linolschnitte convert later around landscapes.

Book home was designated already very early as "a painting miracle child "and cooperated already in newspapers and magazines as well as in collective exhibitions.

After its Abitur 1937 it pulled to Italy, where it its first book "days and nights rise from the river "wrote. In this work he gained all experiences, which he made with a Danube departure with a paddle boat to sea.

1939, two years before this book was published, pulled it to Dresden over on an academy art to study. To this study it went as a master pupil to Munich.

In the following year book home joined the war navy as a Freiwilliger, where it created it after employments on minesweepers, destroyers and submarines in the Second World War up to the first lieutenant. During wartime it wrote many books concerning the experiences, which it made at the navy. Its probably most well-known book, "the boat ", he wrote 1941 as a crew member of the U96.

1943, when book home already on a new war employment was, it wrote again on a submarine, its novel "hunters in the Weltmeer ". Also in this work he gained experiences, this time from an embittered fight against an English destroyer.

A miracle happened 1944, when it could escape with the allegedly last German submarine in France from the fortress Brest. After this Ereigniss it fled across France, before it through-smuggled itself with luck to Germany back.

After end of war he wrote art books concerning max of Beckmann, Otto Mueller and Pablo Picasso, which admits him, together with its books concerning experiences from the Second World War, at the time at that time much made.

To these works over famous artists book home 1951 created an art book publishing house in Frankfurt/Main, which is at the today's time in Feldafing. Into the following 1950er years enstand an important collection of its paintings of the German expressionism.

From the death of its nut/mother in the year 1964, he painted many disputed pictures of it, from which he wanted to publish only one.

Afterwards and continued to paint he wrote always, before 1971 were published "the boat ".

Lothar made many painter journeys in the following time to Spain, France and Italy. 1972 made its furthest painter journey for book home. This went over New York and San Francisco into the South Seas. During this journey developed many water colors and Gouachen, which it renames later into "the Tropics von Feldafing ".

After Lothar book home stopped with scarcely 65 years painting and writing for the public, he wanted to accommodate first its collected works in the Duisburger Lehmbruck museum. Since this failed however by diversities of opinion with the city Duisburg, he withdrew its offer in the middle of the 1980er years.

1996 it created then a non-profit book home donation, which financed "the museum of the fantasy in the year 2001 ", which admits museum "today as "book home is. In this museum, in the book home director is present, publishes he all its accumulated works.

Altogether it wrote 30 books, to of those only "the boat "was filmed.

Honors and honours

  • 1985 honour doctor of the University of Duisburg
  • 1992 honour citizens of the city Chemnitz (later returned)
  • 1993 seriousness yard judge price (common with Asta Scheib, Helmut Seitz)
  • 1998 Bavarian Maximiliansorden for science and art (common with Hans's Werner Henze, Julia Varady)


  • Lothar book home, a completely young artist, 1935
  • Days and nights rise from the river. A Danube travel, 1941 (Neuaufl. 1979, 1981 and 1987)
  • Hunter in the Weltmeer, 1943
  • Georges Braque. The graphic work, 1951
  • The artist community bridge. Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde, max pitch stone, Karl Schmidt Rottluff. Painting, design, graphics, plastics, documents, 1956
  • Paris on Sunday (painted of Hector Trotin), 1958
  • Picasso. A Bildbiographie, 1958
  • Max Kaus. Graphics from the years 1916-1926, 1959
  • Max Beckmann, 1959
  • Graphics of the German expressionism (common with Friedrich Bayl), 1959
  • The blue rider and the "new artist combination Munich", 1959
  • Uncle max, (painted of Julius Himpel), 1961
  • Jackie, the running horse (painted of Julius Himpel), 1962
  • Otto Mueller. Life and work, 1963
  • Art nouveau posters, 1969
  • The boat, 1973 ISBN 3492021751 review
  • Staatsgala, 1977
  • My Paris. A city before 30 years, 1977 ISBN 3-492-02294-4
  • The Tropics von Feldafing, 1978
  • State circus. With the Queen by Germany. A report, 1978
  • Hinterglas booklet, 1980
  • The luxury liner. A log, 1980
  • The film "the boat". A journal, 1981
  • The painter Lothar book home, 1988
  • Painter book, 1988
  • Hector Trotins Sundays world, 1988
  • Saxonian homeland. My youth in Chemnitz, Dresden, Rochlitz and in the ore mountains, 1991
  • The fortress, 1995 ISBN 3442438225
  • Submarine war, 1997
  • To death triumphed. The fall of the submarines, 1998 ISBN 3-937501-10-X
  • The submarine driver, 1998 ISBN 3-937501-08-8
  • The parting, 2000 ISBN 3492042732; Review


  • The boat (D, 1981), under the direction of Wolfgang Petersen, with Prochnow, Herbert Martin Semmelrogge, Uwe ox farmhand, Otto Sander, Lamprecht among other things


  • Doctor Faustus (D, 1982), after the novel of Thomas's man, under the direction of Franz Seitz (book home plays therein Dr. Erasmi)


  • Mirko Wittwar: The picture of the war. To the novels "the boat" and "the fortress" of Lothar book home. Berlin: Univ. Diss. 2002.

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