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The local right (also: Municipality right, local legislation, municipal law) is the right of a municipal administration to issue certain municipality-specific statutes and regulations. Local right is discharge of the local autonomy. Also the collection of the respective statutes and regulations of a municipality the local right is called.

The possibilities e.g. arrange themselves in Germany after the Gemeindeordnung and special regulations like the road and right of way or the national punishing and statutory order.

Some right statutes contain also penalty armourings.

Adoption of resolutions

The statutes are advised and decided in the city/circle advice.


Examples of the recourse to of the gemeindlichen right are:


Audit statute, dog licence fee statute, cure tax statute, hunt expensive statute

Assignment right

The procedure for the assignment of public orders is regulated in assignment regulations.

Market right

Market dues order, food market statute

Emergency services

Regulation of charges emergency service, statute for the collection of fees with achievements of the fire-brigade, statute over the collection of fees for execution fire-look

Education, art

Theatre statute, school regulations, renting order for class rooms and school mechanisms

Transportation of human beings

Taxi (tariff) order

Traffic right

Park regulation of charges, statute of replacement of parking bay


Drainage and disposal statute, regulation of charges road cleaning

Environmental protection

Statute for the protection of the tree existence

Building law

Statute for the protection of the road picture, Vorgartensatzung, statute over the cemetery and funeral natures

Own establishments

Concerning statute the municipal savings bank, bath order, donation statutes

Right of way

The can define and sanction the common use of public reason.

Examples: The state capital Munich forbids bad making music within the range of the old part of town pedestrian zone. see also: Right of way

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