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A loam stone or a loam brick is ungebrannter artificial stone or brick from loam, which is used in the loam construction.

Loam stones are called also Adobes, "sun dried earth block" or mudbricks. Until 1971 defined the DIN 18951 the term of loam stones as generic term for loam right parallelepipeds, Lehmpatzen or Loam right parallelepipeds are made of earthdamp, lean loam. The loam is rammed in forms with the dimensions 12x25x38cm and dried then. Due to their high weight from approx. 20 Kilos are difficult those to brick. Lehmpatzen made of a damp, centralfat loam mixture the fibrous aggregates contains. "‚Patzen' loam thrown into a wood form. are industrially made of fat loam (Minke 1994).

Production in Egypt

For the production of the bricks loam is used. In Egypt mud, which stayed after the annual Nile flood, found use - why one calls the Egyptian loam bricks also Nile mud brick. Often several days in water eingeweichtes straw the mud is under-mixed. The strength contained in the straw strengthens the bricks made of it. Now bricks are formed and dried at the sun.

Re-use of antique building material

Loam bricks can be completely again-used. Mortars and finery remainders can be separated usually very simply from the stones. All whole and half stones can be used then again for bricking. Smaller breaking into can be converted with water eingeweicht (in-feasted) and to mortar, finery or new loam stones.


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