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The load car is a harvesting machine, with which the harvested crop can being e.g. loaded like hay or straw into one-man system.

Function mode

The load car is a trailer with changes a loading space. The harvested crop is taken up by means of a rotary drum with flexible Federzinken, the so-called Pickup, of the soil and pressed into the promotion channel. There a strong drum with rigid tines takes up the material and presses it into the loading space. A further variant is the use of an elevator, which today by the company Agrar is only used. The loading space is equipped with a so-called scratching soil. This consists to be moved of transverse to the driving direction lying Metallprofilen the chains in driving direction, parallel over two, can. So the load in the loading space can moved, and/or after which an opening of the rear flap will unload.

In order to cut up the load, optionally a cutting platform can be switched on in the promotion channel, which consists of several cutterbars at stationary blades.

The drive is made via the pulling tractor by a power-takeoff.


Before the invention of the load car hay had to be loaded on large cars (e.g. Leiterwagen), on which a so-called white tree was bound above, so that the charge zusammengehielt.

The load car became 1960 on the DLG exhibition starting from 16. May in Cologne by the inventor Ernst Weichel for the first time the public presented. The equipment did not carry already the name "hamster", the Gattungsbezeichnung "load car" gave it at that time yet. For the simulation of the load carload lot the structure of gate was from the inside lined with grass mats. In a place a gap was in that, by means of a still-picture projector, pictures by the other Weichel products was demonstrated.

The load car was not tested before the presentation in Cologne 1960 only once under material conditions. Only in the autumn 1960 Ernst Weichel time found to continue working on the project. It modified the Vorderwand of the car somewhat, which shifts attached gange wheel in the center to the side and it then with its Unimog when the loading straw on a abgeernteten field tried out (see picture). In the lower picture one recognizes that it functioned at first attempt. Here contents are unloaded by means of scratching soil. It lasted until 1976, until the registration was given of 1960 (11 60 229) after lengthy patent law disputes to the patent.

The first load cars still had no measurers and made therefore when unloading more work, than the old method. Further the compression of hay was not high enough. After initial skepticism of the professional world, the load car found however a broad acceptance, since the work expended was reduced to a tenth. Within one decade 50% of the grassland enterprises changed over to the load car. Meanwhile the load car was partly replaced by the combination of baling press and front loader.

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