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German trade union federation (DGB)

Single trade unions in the DGB with their predecessors:

  • In Frankfurt/Main, on 1 January 1996 developed for industrial union building agrarian environment (industrial union BUILDING) out:
    • Industrial union component ground connection (industrial union BSE)
    • Trade union horticulture, land and forestry
  • Developed for industrial union mining industry, chemistry, energy (industrial union BCE) in Hanover, 1997 out:
    • Industrial union mining industry and energy (industrial union)
    • Industrial union chemistry, paper, ceramic(s) (industrial union chemistry)
    • Trade union leather
  • Trade union education and science (GEW) in Frankfurt/Main
  • Industrial union metal (IGM) in Frankfurt/Main, with in their come up trade unions:
    • Trade union wood and plastic
    • Trade union textile and clothing
  • Trade union food benefit restaurants (NGG) in Hamburg
  • Trade union of the police (Union of Police) in Berlin with office in Hilden
  • TRANSNET - trade union of the railroadmen of Germany (German Railway Union) in Frankfurt/Main
  • If service trade union united registered association (ver.di) in Berlin, developed 2001 out:
    • German employees' federation registered association (Trade Union of German Employees), these was not member in the DGB
    • German post office trade union registered association (DPG)
    • Trade union trade, banks and insurance registered association (Union for trade, banking and insurance)
    • Industrial union media - pressure and paper, journalism and art registered association (industrial union media), 1989 developed out:
      • Industrial union pressure and paper
      • Industrial union art, culture and media
    • Trade union public services, transport and traffic registered association (public workers' union)

German civil service association (National Union of Civil Servants)

Single trade unions and/or federations arranged according to ranges:

  • General administration
    • German administrative trade union in Mainz
    • komba trade union
    • trade union locally nationalserves Berlin (gkl Berlin)
    • VdB Federal Bank trade union in lime trees
    • Federation of the persons employed of the highest and upper federal authorities (VBOB)
  • Education and education
  • National Union of Civil Servants of teacher federations
    • Bavarian teacher and teacher federation (BLLV) in Munich
    • Connected education and education (VBE) in Berlin
    • Federal association of the teachers and teachers at vocational schools (BLBS)
    • German Philologenverband (DPhV) in Unterhaching
    • Connected German material school teacher (VDR) in Munich
    • Connected university and science (VHW)
    • Federal association of the teachers at restaurant economics (VLW) in Bielefeld
    • Catholic educator community (KEG) in Munich
  • Security
    • Federal police trade union (BGV) in Berlin
    • German police trade union (DPolG) in Berlin
    • Federation of the employees of the German Federal Armed Forces (VAB) in Bonn
    • Federation of the officials of the German Federal Armed Forces (VBB) in Bonn
  • Law
    • Working group law (AGJ) in Hemer
    • Federation of German right male nurses (BDR)
    • Federation of the officials of execution of sentences of Germany (BSBD) in Freiburg in mash gau
    • German office lawyer association (DAAV) in potsdam
    • German bailiff federation (DGVB) in Cologne
    • German law trade union (DJG) in Hamburg
    • Federation of the persons employed of the commercial legal protection (VBGR) in Munich
    • Association of the right male nurses in the federal service (VRB) in Munich
  • Finances
    • BDZ - German tariff and financial trade union in Berlin
    • German tax trade union (DSTG) in Berlin
  • Social security
    • Trade union of the social security (GdS) in Bonn
    • Trade union of the social administration (GdV) in Dortmund
    • [[Federation of the persons employed of the Federal Institution for Arbeit|vereinigung of the busy

the occupation and more arbeitsmarktdienstleister]] (vbba) in Nuremberg

  • Traffic
    • Professional association water and navigation administration (FWSV) in Aurich
    • Trade union of German (GDL) in Frankfurt/Main
    • Connected German road attendant in Cologne
    • Traffic trade union GDBA in Frankfurt/Main
  • Environment
    • Professional association agrarian, nutrition, environment (VDL)
    • Federation of German forest people (BDF) in Berlin
  • Technology
    • Trade union technology and natural science (BTB) in Berlin
    • Trade union measuring and calibration nature (component end) in Ingolstadt
  • Post office, telecommunications and postal bank
    • Communication trade union DPV (DPVKOM) in Bonn
  • Broadcast, film and television
    • Combination broadcast, film and televisioncreative (VRFF) in Mainz
  • Other ranges
    • Federal association of the physicians of the public health service registered association in Berlin
    • Federation of the Ruhestandsbeamten, pensioners and survivors (BRH) in Mainz
    • German professional association for social work registered association (DBSH) in meals
    • Trade union for persons employed in the health service

Christian trade union federation (CGB)

Single trade unions with their seats

    • Christian trade union metal (CGM) in Stuttgart
    • Trade union of public service and services in Munich
    • Employee's association of German milk control and officials of animal breeding (ADM) in Kleinromstedt
    • Christian trade union post office service and telecommunications (CGPT) in Bonn
    • German handels and industrial employee federation (DHV) in Hamburg
    • Association of catholic German teachers (VkdL) in meals
    • Employee's association country and nourish-economical occupations (ALEB) in Hude
    • Federation of the hotel, restaurant and cafe employees (union Ganymed) in Bonn
    • Christian trade union mining industry, chemistry, energy (CGBCE) in Saarbruecken
    • Christian trade union of German railroadmen (CGDE) in Saarbruecken
    • Christian trade union of Germany (CGD) in Gera
    • German country and forest-economical employee federation (DLFAB) in bar singing living
    • Connected German technician (VDT) in Hamburg
    • Motorist trade union (KFG) in Hanover
    • Person employed federation industry, trade, service registered association (BIGD) in Duisburg
    • Trade union for plastic trades and wood working in the CGB registered association (GKH) in Paderborn
    • Trade union dry construction development registered association (GTA) in Augsburg
  • Tariff community of Christian trade unions for time work and personnel service agencies (CGZP) in Berlin

Other trade unions

Health and care

    • ADEXA - The pharmacy trade union
    • Marburger federation (MT) federation of the employees and beamteten lady doctors and physicians of Germany registered association.
    • German care federation (DPV)
    • Trade union for persons employed in the health service (BIG) (formerly trade union care)
    • Trade union church and Diankonie registered association (GKD) in Berlin
    • Evangelist technical and professional association care registered association - (EFAKS)
    • Catholic professional association for occupations of care registered association (KBPf) in Regensburg
    • German society for specialized technical and function services (DGF)
    • Federal association of the hygiene supervisors registered association.
    • Professional association of the physician, dentist and veterinary surgeon aids registered association (Federal Employers Association)
    • Trade union for persons employed in the health service (BiG)

other public services, services

    • German German Federal Armed Forces federation (DBwV)
    • Federation of German Kriminalbeamter (BDK)
    • German journalists' federation (German Journalists' Federation)
    • German judge federation (DRB) in Berlin
    • New judge combination (NRV) in Berlin
    • Combination of democratic lawyers (VDJ)
    • Trade union administration and traffic (GVV) in Berlin (formerly the administration trade union Berlin)
    • Police basis trade union (PBG)
    • Federation of the post office marketing personnel (VdPV)
    • DBV - Trade union of the Finanzdienstleister (DBV)
    • Cooperative of German stage members (GDBA)
    • Tax base trade union (SBG)
    • Federation of the trade union persons employed (VGB)
    • German orchestra combination in Berlin
    • Person employed federation public service
    • Trade union for persons employed in the health service (BiG)

Airlines and airports

    • Combination cockpit
    • Combination soil
    • Trade union of the air traffic control


    • Free female workers union
    • Federation of the female employees (VWA) in Bonn

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