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The list of the largest artificial lakes of the earth shows a selection of the largest artificial lakes of the earth and in the German-speaking countries sorted according to surface and volume size. A "list of the largest dams of the earth" is here.

An artificial lake is by definition a water reservoir artificially put on, which is in a valley behind a shut-off building. Shut-off buildings can be a dam, a barrage weir or weir.


Articles in category "List of the largest artificial lakes of the earth"

We found here 74 articles.


» L'Oros
» La Esmeralda
» La Grande II
» Lac Brenet
» Lac d'Emosson
» Lac de Cleuson
» Lac de Joux
» Lac de l'Hongrin
» Lac de Madine
» Lac de Mauvoisin
» Lac de Moiry
» Lac de Montsalvens
» Lac de Moron
» Lac de Saint Cassien
» Lac de Salanfe
» Lac de Tseuzier
» Lac of the DIX
» Lac of the set clay/tone
» Lac of the Toules
» Lac you the Chantecoq
» Lac you Vieux Emosson
» Lago Bianco
» Lago del Sambuco
» Lago di Lei
» Lago di Livigno
» Lago di Lucendro
» Lago di Luzzone
» Lago di Poschiavo
» Lago di Vogorno
» Lago Ritom
» Lago Tremorgio
» Lai there Curnera
» Lai there Marmorera
» Lai there Nalps
» Lai there Sontga Maria
» Lake Argyle
» Lake Mead
» Lake Mohave
» Lake Oahe
» Lake Powell
» Lakhwar dam
» Large bromine brook lake
» Large Dhalsperre
» Large filter first A PONd
» Large Galgenteich
» Large pond gate gau
» Laxiwa dam
» Lead hole dam
» Lechstaustufe 2 - Prem
» Lechstaustufe 23 - Merching
» Leubatalsperre
» Limmerensee
» Linachtalsperre
» Lingesetalsperre
» Lip lake
» List of dams in Germany
» List of the artificial lakes in Austria
» List of the dams of the world
» List of the largest artificial lakes of the earth
» List of the largest dams of the earth
» List of the largest hydro-electric power plants of the earth
» List of the storage reservoirs in Switzerland
» Listertalsperre
» Lokka artificial lake
» Lomnitztalsperre
» Longtan dam
» Loosely Frailes
» Low large pond Bsdorf
» Lower Grosshartmannsdorfer pond
» Lower Herbringhauser dam
» Lower Otay and Sweetwater
» Lunar caustic lake
» Lungerersee
» lvaro Obregam

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