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Liquid manure barrel is agricultural equipment, in addition serves liquid manure and/or liquid manure on fields to distribute. The liquid manure barrel is pulled by a tractor and propelled over the power-takeoff.

Vacuum tank car

With the vacuum tank car through with the filling procedure under vacuum and thus the liquid manure in the container is set for a compressor of the containers of the liquid manure barrel is sucked. For the emptying the compressor is switched, in the container a positive pressure is thus produced and the liquid manure under pressure from the container is thus pressed.

Pumping tank car

With the pumping tank car the liquid manure with turning piston, rotary vane pump and/or eccentric spiral pump is sucked in by the liquid manure pit and pumped in the tank cars. For yield by means of three-way cocks or slidegate valves the liquid manure from the tank is then led by means of the pump to the distribution equipment. A change of the direction of rotation of the pump is not accomplished and the sucking in and/or print page of the pump remains the same. With the pumping tank car composite materials are often used such as GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic) instead of steel in the tank construction. These materials bring a large weight advantage, which positively affects itself then in the pay load of the barrel.

Centrifuge tank car

With the centrifuge tank car independent sucking in from the liquid manure pit is not possible, since no negative pressure can be produced. Filling the tank car happens with an external liquid manure pump or a pumping station, which remains stationarily at the liquid manure pit. For yield, by means of an impeller at the end of the tank car the liquid manure is accelerated in such a way and pressed into a channel that the liquid manure with positive pressure is passed on against percussion head or another distribution equipment. Also here can be done for weight reasons without a vacuum-firm steel tank.

Dragging hose yield

The classical liquid manure barrel with percussion plate is displaced increasingly by the liquid manure barrel with dragging hose. With the liquid manure barrel with dragging hose the liquid manure into hoses introduced, which sharpen behind the equipment over the soil, and is led so directly on the soil. This procedure has the special advantage of a decreased smelling nuisance as well as smaller losses at nitrogen etc. besides offers this technology of advantages, if the seeds already arose, since the green parts of the plants come less with the liquid manure into contact. For grassland the dragging hose is less well suitable, since the grass can take the liquid manure by the hoses damage and directly on the grass is applied, since the vegetation is too close, the liquid manure could arrive directly at the soil. Besides the yield is uneven in strips and not all ranges receives the same liquid manure quantity.

Besides there are also techniques like the which can bring the liquid manure directly into the soil.

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