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Liptauer is a pikanter bread upstroke from the slowakischen and Austrian kitchen. It is a typical component of the food offer with the Heurigen. The name is derived from the region Liptau, an earlier Hungarian Komitat, which belongs today to the Slowakei. In Hungary Liptauer is called.

For the preparation genuine Liptauers one needs Brimsen, a gesalzenen from sheep milk, which today still in the Slowakei in addition, in Romania under the name Brindza is manufactured. The Brimsen painted by a filter (or as a substitute quark and/or potting) is mixed with a same part of schaumig agitated butter to a cream and peppered in the original, rural form only with Rosenpaprika, gemahlenem pepper and rubbed bulb. The use of salt is necessary only if one ungesalzenen cheese used. In later time were added than "civil "refinement of the prescription Kapern, mustard, anchovies or anchovy paste as well as small salt cucumbers. Added also bitter beer to, which was mixed with the cream belonged in some old prescriptions. According to the example book "of the classical Hungarian kitchen "(George long) in aristokratischen circles of Hungary as well as in the distinguished restaurants of the monarchy the bread upstroke with living caviar was garniert. For the set one uses somewhat finely gewiegten chives, often in addition, the lightgreen Paprika cut typical for a Hungarian breakfast and/or the Speckjause into thin rings. Liptauer is eaten as bread upstroke or handed as Dip.

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